Solid timber is natural, beautiful and cozy

SLIM, LIGHTWEIGHT DESIGNS WITH A HIGH DEGREE OF PREFABRICATION binderholz construction solutions allow for a high degree of prefabrication. It shortens building times considerably while always maintaining high quality. In addition, solid timber constructions have an attractive ratio in terms of gross and net living space compared to conventional methods. Especially in the urban space, this has become increasingly important when considering the building costs. Intelligent combinations of solid timber and conventional building materials such as concrete, steel and glass can result in cost-efficient hybrid solutions, which combine the advantages of traditional materials with the merits of solid timber construction. The comparatively low weight of solid wood is a great advantage, for example. When building another story to a building, this strength is literally brought to bear. Solid timber wins the argument here on account of its structural possibilities and the fact that the load on the building, owing to the low weight, is not substantially increased. Photos: © binderholz