Solid timber is natural, beautiful and cozy

THIS IS WHERE IT COMES FULL CIRCLE - RESOURCE EFFICIENCY AT BINDERHOLZ binderholz stands for a responsible use of wood as a natural raw material. We process the entire trunk - from the core to the bark - thus ensuring 100 percent value creation. Solid timber products come into being that have been produced efficiently and sustainably and conform to the highest requirements. Let‘s take a look at the main sustainability factors to demonstrate how we achieve such a high degree of resource efficiency. binderholz processes exclusively timber from sustainable and controlled forest management All binderholz production sites meet the strict PEFC standards and are certified under these standards. The PEFC seal certifies the sustainability of the binderholz value creation chain, from the raw material to the finished product. The use of timber from sustainably managed forests and the environmentally friendly and proper use of resources are regularly monitored by independent third party.