Solid timber is natural, beautiful and cozy

NOISE-FREE, DUST-FREE, RAINPROOF Noise, waste and dust are three keywords that probably everyone associates with construction projects. Not so when building with CLT BBS. Based on the high degree of pre-fabrication and the installation method of solid timber, CLT BBS in particular, noise, waste and dust can be reduced drastically. The installation of CLT BBS does not require a noisy machine park, as individual elements are merely bolted together on site. A raised level of pre-fabrication of the CLT BBS elements reduces the processing steps on site and lowers the exposure to dust, waste and also noise. Since timber does not require any periods for drying and as the construction site is rainproof when the roof is set on top, also multi-storey floor additions can be realised quickly within a few days. Photos: © binderholz