Solid timber is natural, beautiful and cozy

WIRTSCHAFTLICHKEIT The low deadweight of timber and dry construction structures reduces the expense for the foundation and baseplates. The high degree of prefabrication simplifies the implementation at the construction site and secures a standardised and verifiable level of quality. The construction site equipment can be reduced and the logistics expense is lower. The dry construction design shortens the construction periods significantly and thereby enables that the buildings can be used at an earlier point in time, which in turn drastically reduces the financing periods. SAVINGS OF TIME The savings of time through the use of binderholz CLT BBS can be substantial in the construction of large-volume buildings. The high degree of pre-fabrication drastically shortens the construction phase. Load-bearing wall elements simply need to be aligned and linked to each other. Based on their comparably low weight, these pre-fabricated timber elements can have very large dimensions. As the installation is made in the level between the plasterboard system and the timber element, the subsequent cutting and plastering work is omitted. Photos: © binderholz, b&k structures, Walter Ebenhofer