system ceiling CLT BBS

GB-03-2022 PACKAGING | TRANSPORT BBS 125 system ceilings are grouped into packages and wrapped in UV-resistant film, which permits shortterm temporary storage directly on site without the risk of weathering damage. The packages are grouped in accordance with the customer’s requirements, depending on the permissible weight of the unloading crane, and loaded onto the truck. The loading order of the packages and BBS elements can also be done to meet the customer’s requirements and/or in installation order. With visible quality ceiling elements, the visible side faces downwards, with the exception of the bottommost element of the package, to protect the visible surface from dirt and damage. The truck can be unloaded by crane or fork-lift truck. The ceiling elements can also be laid directly from the truck at the customer’s request. ASSEMBLY | UNLOADING On request, we can implement assembly loops and Würth inserted screws starting at a strength of 100 mm and ready for mounting into the Assy lifting system, or a loop lifting system with a blind hole and bar dowel. In the same way, through-hole and blind hole bores can be made for alternative lifting systems, such as e.g. for the Pitzl Power Clamp or similar. Download Binderholz Bausysteme GmbH · CLT BBS Solvay-Halvic-Strasse 46 · A-5400 Hallein fon +43 6245 70500 · fax +43 6245 70500-17001 · SALES | CONTACT