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STATICS We provide pre-measurement tables, which you can find in the BBS product literature, for simple and fast pre-measurement of BBS 125. We also provide a free measuring program, which can be requested at, for verifiable statics evidence, based on Eurocode 5. All the relevant product values are saved in this program. The registered version of the statics program lets you calculate the strength of the component, obtain fire resistance and precise vibration documentation: - Integrated „hot rating” of timber components in compliance with DIN 4102 - BBS 125 system ceilings can be installed to be statically load-bearing on 2 axes if required BBS 125 system ceiling Installation of ceilings using BBS 125 provides structural benefits: self-supporting and dry construction methods, horizontal and vertical load transferring effect, dimensionally stable elements, and adequate fire resistance and acoustic insulation. Finished visible surfaces are also available, creating a high degree of interior living comfort from the positive effect of the large area of timber on the indoor climate. Produced as 125 cm wide elements, BBS 125 boasts an optimum ratio of installation width to weight. The individual ceiling elements are load-bearing along 2 axes and are laid tightly against each other without a joint – there are no major contraction joints in normal climatic conditions of use. VIBRATION DOCUMENTATION The calculation program for BBS 125 system ceilings lets you generate documentation for precise vibration data in compliance with Eurocode 5. The general recommendation as per DIN 1052 for reduced deflection (reduced vibration behaviour), which generally leads to significantly thicker ceiling depths, can be replaced by a precise vibration calculation. In turn, this enables more cost-effective BBS 125 ceiling thicknesses to be produced. The lateral distribution of the loads, due to the crosswise structure, has a positive impact on vibration behaviour and is automatically taken into consideration by the measuring program. PROCESSING BASICS The quality and level of detail of our quotation and order processing seriously depends on the documentation provided. 3D or 2D CAD plans provide an optimum basis for this. Provision of working drawings, in the form of single-component drawings, is needed for the smooth running of a project. After placement of the order by the customer, the order confirmation is produced with production approval. Bonding BBS 125 ceiling elements can be individually glued using CNC-controlled gluing plants. Even complexmachining, like the cutting of recesses into steel beams or two-sided machining, ceiling openings, drill holes, joint-cutting etc., is possible using state-of-the-art CNC gluing equipment.