Glulam GLT ceiling elements

For the optimal protection of the glulam GLT ceiling elements special packaging is used: Underneath the visible side there is cardboard which excellently prevents handling damage. This cardboard is placed by a separate machine directly under the newly manufactured elements and then wrapped together with the goods. This prevents the cardboard from shifting and also optimally protects the rest of the product. This additional protection has some further advantages for the customer, because it is no longer necessary to rotate the lowest element on the construc- tion site. In addition, it prevents handling damage during loading and unloading and the risk of contamination on the construction site is also reduced. GLULAM CEILING ELEMENTS | PACKAGING Video Packaging of glulam GLT ceiling elements GLULAM CEILING ELEMENTS | MACHINING The glulam GLT ceiling elements can be individually processed using CNC-controlled machining systems. Even complex machining operations such as steel beam milling or double-sided machining, ceiling breakthroughs, boreholes, groove milling, etc. can be done with modern CNC cutting systems. Since summer 2020 a new online machining system will allow us to optimise delivery times after the release of a single-sheet drawing.