CLT BBS processing manual

8 Binderholz Bausysteme GmbH PLAN ISSUANCE Single-part drawing (EZ) The EZ always shows a single component. Two cross-sections are issued per part, whose position is indicated by the section lines. The viewed side is always the visible side. The single-part drawing is a detailed drawing for production and is primarily not used for customer review or plan release. Overview drawing (UZ) Representation of several components of an entire wall or ceiling or a wall or ceiling section. It serves for plan review and plan release by the customer. Axonometry (AXO) + floor plan The axonometry shows a three-dimensional representation of a floor or a ceiling or roof section incl. component numbers. For each axonometry, the corresponding floor plan is created. Viewed side = Visible side Viewed side = Visible side Overcut rafter sections Axonometry Floor plan Scale 1:65 Scale 1:65