CLT BBS processing manual

7 Binderholz Bausysteme GmbH PLAN PRESENTATION CLT BBS Qualities AB - Residential visible BC - Industrial visible C - Non-visible Wood types Spruce (F), Fir antique (TG), Larch (L), Swiss pine (Z), Douglas fir (D), Pine (K), Mixed conifers (NH) Top layer ESP - Prefabricated single-layer panel EKG - Fingerjointed lamellas MHP - 3-layer solid wood panel Examples F-AB_ESP - Residential visible quality, top layer spruce, single-layer panel F-BC_EKG - Industrial visible quality, top layer spruce, with finger joint Formats CLT BBS 125 - System format panel CLT BBS XL - Large format panel DL = Top layer longitudinal DQ = Top layer transverse Glulam GLT Setup combined (c), homogenous (h) Strength classes GL24, GL28, GL30, GL32 Qualities SI (visible quality), NSI (non-visible quality) Wood types Spruce (FI), Larch (LA) Example BSH GL24c NSI FI (glulam GL24 combined non-visible quality spruce) Presentation of plan The section lining in the cross-section indicates the direction of the lamellas.