system ceiling CLT BBS

binderholz CLT BBS 125 SYSTEM CEILING APPEARANCE | VISIBLE QUALITY Visible quality designs are available with BBS 125 system ceilings. The visible side of the BBS 125 element can either be produced in spruce, larch, stone pine or antique pine. The BBS 125 system ceiling always has a high-quality sanded or optionally brushed appearance, which incidentally also permits the simple ad hoc reworking of the laid surface and, unlike planed finishes, the even absorption of paint. Industrial quality and non-visible quality BBS 125 system ceilings are also possible. IMPACT SOUND In view of its higher mass, the BBS 125 system ceiling has significant advantages over more lightweight ceiling systems in terms of sound insulation. Refer to our online database at for information on 30 tested ceiling constructions with information on air-borne and impact sound insulation: - Tested designs for floors (ceilings) and partition ceilings - Ceilings with and without suspended substructure (tested) - Ceiling constructions with dry and wet screed flooring solutions (tested) All structural physical values are supported by test certificates. FIRE RESISTANCE Constructions using BBS 125 system ceilings have been tested in extensive fire tests. The “hot rating”, as it is known, for fire resistance can easily be obtained using our design software. The burning rates determined by independent fire testing institutes are stored in our design software. Our online database also provides fire test data on the fire resistance of covered and uncovered constructions: - Fire protection-compliant BBS ceiling constructions - BBS ceilings including element joints and installations - REI 30 to REI 90 constructions under load TESTED AND CERTIFIED SYSTEM COSNTRUCTIONS The Solid Timber Manual 2.0 produced by binderholz and Saint Gobain Rigips Austria provides 130 tested constructions for walls, ceilings and roofs and all the key information on fire protection, sound insulation, thermal insulation and ecological ratings. The constructions listed in the Solid Timber Manual 2.0 are available with 1,200 detailed drawn solutions in an online database at PHYSICAL AND ECOLOGICAL RATING Fire protection REI 60 max. buckling length l = 3 m; max. load (qfi, d) = 14,95 [kN/m] Thermal U [W/m²K] 0,16 mw,B,A [kg/m²] 19,2 Noise insulation Rw [dB] 50 Ln,w [dB] -  Ecology OI3Kon 1,9