Strength graded structural softwood lumber

binderholz STRENGTH GRADED STRUCTURAL SOFTWOOD LUMBER □ Softwood lumber is used in all areas of construction. Its characteristics, which include many possible uses, an excellent strength-weight ratio and easy machinability, have been specially valued in the area of building and construction through the years. market share of wood frame mode of construction: USA 90 % Japan 55 % Austria 33 % UK 25 % can be used without re-working on site accurate cut to length/precision end trimmed main lengths: 4.0 m / 4.8 m (16‘) / 5.0 m / 5.1 m stud lengths: 2.1 m – 2.7m (7 - 9‘) length increments 30 cm / 12“ kiln dried sawn or surfaced planed four sides with or without eased edges planing machine: Ledinek Stratoplan S600 capacity: 450.000m³ feed rate: 600m/min