Solid wood for construction KVH

Solid wood for construction KVH® is a building material specially developed for the high demands of modern wood construction with precisely defined product properties. KVH® is a kiln dried, strength-sorted solid wood product made of spruce or pine. KVH® is subject to additional controls that go beyond the general requirements of the building inspectorate. The operational quality control and the external monitoring are carried out in accordance with the criteria of the agreements on KVH®. binderholz SOLID WOOD FOR CONSTRUCTION KVH® Production properties of wood for construction • Solid wood for construction as standard panels • Bespoke production and commissioning • Machining on request • Capping exact to the millimetre • Stocklist delivered and individually labelled • Produced according to international standards SOLID WOOD FOR CONSTRUCTION FROM BRANDENBURG PINE The original vegetation area of the Brandenburg pine is of course located in the forests of the Mark Brandenburg. Due to the typically barren sandy and nutrient-poor soil, it grows very slowly and develops a high wood density. These optimal growth conditions ensure maximum stability and resilience. The Brandenburg pine has thus long become synonymous with construction wood in modern wood construction. Material properties of the Brandenburg pine • Particularly dimensional • Extremely resilient • Extremely durable • Sustainably economical • Constant product quality • With small annual rings and homogeneous • Easy to process