binderholz sawn timber

PRODUCT RANGE binderholz offers the complete product range in the sawn timber segment and thus meets the most versatile requirements. Both the structural and decorative areas are covered in all qualities and dimensions. The length spectrum of sawn timber covers 3 - 6 m. • Prismed main and side goods • Construction wood • Glue-laminated lamellae • Solid construction wood raw material • Rough-planed timber • Tongued and grooved rough boards • Dimensional wood • Wooden sleepers • Squared timber and posts • Slats and frames • Short and narrow goods • Packaging goods • Sawn timber for the pallet industry • Construction planks and boards, including colour-treated in red • Medium layers for the parquet and panel industry Optional dip impregnation on customer request In the process of dip impregnation, the wood is completely immersed in a bath with wood preservative. The absorption of the protective agents depends on the immersion time as well as the concentration of the solution and is also influenced by the type of wood as well as by the wood moisture. The purpose of dip impregnation is to protect the sawn timber from wood-destroying and wood-discolouring organisms and the solution is available in green or brown. CUTTING OPTIMISATION Thanks to the optimum yield of the logs with state-of-the-art sawmill technologies, binderholz can not only offer market-standard dimensions, but also responds to special requests. Flexibility and innovation make the company a reliable partner. All residual wood from the production is completely processed according to the zero waste principle. Trust, but verify Mechanical quality sorting and strength tests, ongoing internal quality controls and monitoring by independent testing institutes ensure the highest possible quality of all binderholz products. All test certificates and approvals are available for download in the respective section of