binderholz sawn timber

Sawn timber is the longest used and most widely used material for all areas of construction all over the world. Characteristics such as versatile applications, high strength in relation to weight and easy workability have been known advantages for centuries. binderholz runs sawmills in Austria, Germany, Great Britain, Latvia, Finland and the US. All locations exclusively process certified roundwood from sustainability forestry. More than 70 years of experience with the raw material wood, continuous adaptation to new technologies, future-oriented management and highly qualified employees make our company stand out. binderholz SAWN TIMBER RAW MATERIAL Thanks to sustainable forest management in European and American forests, there is enough wood available everywhere in our latitudes. Therefore, more of this natural raw material is constantly growing more than is harvested. In addition to the most popular tree species, spruce, also large volumes of pine, fir, larch, Swiss pine, Douglas fir and Southern yellow pine are processed. All products and construction solutions conform to all applicable standards. They are also certified according to standards specific to different countries. © Christof Lackner