Planed timber


Constructive planed products are being used worldwide for all areas of construction with an increasing tendency. The binderholz planed timber convinces not only with a fibrillar wood grain but also with its natural feel. Characteristics such as versatile indoor and outdoor applications, high strength in relation to weight and easy workability have been well-known advantages for centuries. binderholz distinguishes itself with many years of experience with the raw and building material wood, making it one of the leading representatives of the European timber industry. At the locations in Austria, Germany, Great Britain, Latvia, Finland and the US, the binderholz group uses state-of-the-art technologies and highly qualified employees to produce premium wood products based on the zero waste principle. binderholz PLANED TIMBER Specifications • Range of lengths: 2.00 - 5.10 m • Exact length capping • Production of foot lengths • Equalised planed timber • 3-sided planed sawn timber • Planing 4-sided (S4S) • Edges rounded / chamfered / sharp-edged • No post-processing required on construction site Distinguished and tested quality Binderholz GmbH | Fügen is a member company of the Verband der Europäischen Hobelindustrie (Association of the European Planing Industry, VEH) and supplies planed timber of the highest quality. The aim of the VEH is research & development, quality-conscious presentation of planed timber and market transparency. Quality is a criterion that is becoming increasingly important, especially in the timber industry sector. External audits provide security and ensure the mandatory satisfaction of our customers.

RAW MATERIAL Thanks to sustainable forest management in European and American forests, there is enough wood available everywhere in our latitudes. Therefore, more of this natural raw material is constantly growing more than is harvested. In addition to the most popular tree species, spruce, also large volumes of pine, fir, larch, Swiss pine, Douglas fir and Southern yellow pine are processed. All products and construction solutions conform to all applicable standards. They are also certified according to standards specific to different countries. PRODUCT RANGE binderholz planed timber is used in manifold ways worldwide. Due to its high dimensional accuracy, its use ranges from the constructive area to interior fittings and furniture production. It can also be used as a substructure for the installation level. For industrial customers, the planed timber can also be adjusted to customer-specific requirements in terms of processing, dimensions and packaging. PACKAGING AND LOGISTICS On customer request, units can be packaged separately, and barcodes can be affixed on the side or on the front. For an ideal logistics chain, all locations are equipped with generous storage capacities ensuring short delivery times, as well as a state-of-the-art vehicle fleet and their own railway connections. The container storage can take place at the production plant or the port, and loading facilities for breakbulk cargoes exist in Mediterranean, North Sea and Baltic Sea ports. © D Oltmann Logistik GmbH & CO KG

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