Solid timber is natural, beautiful and cozy

HOW MUCH WOOD IS NEEDED TO MANUFACTURE 1 m³ CLT BBS? For the manufacturing of high-quality binderholz cross laminated timber CLT BBS, only suitable boards with certain strength properties and surface qualities can be used. For this reason, about 2.3 m³ of log wood are needed for 1 m³ CLT BBS. This quantity of wood regrows alone in Austria’s forests as soon as after 2.3 seconds. But what happens with the rest of the wood? Before cutting the wood in our chip removal timber mills, the rind, which is approx. 10% of the volume, is removed from the trunk and converted into biomass directly on site in our timber mill. This biomass is converted into green electricity as well as heat for drying our woods. 58% of the log can be processed further into high-quality solid timber products. 0.7% of the volume of one log is then extracted from the wood through drying in our drying chambers. Another 20% that we convert again into milling by-products is eliminated when cutting open or planing the Photos: © Daniel Shearing, b&k structures