Solid timber is natural, beautiful and cozy

NATURAL As natural wood is used without building chemistry in solid timber construction, a building construction of solid timber has even positive effects on health. Cheap building materials and furniture can release problematic substances possibly causing allergies and other illnesses. To deliberately counteract the causation of such diseases, it should be relied upon materials that are harmless in terms of building biology. Solid timber is a completely unpolluted building material and moreover even strengthens the immune system and vitalises the nervous system. Wooden rooms have a calming effect and ensure a pleasant room climate. SUSTAINABILITY Sustainability rests on three pillars: an economic, an ecological and a social pillar. All three of them must be in harmony before it can be spoken of sustainability. Building with wood fulfils all of them. Building with wood is economical. Building with wood is ecological because wood is a sustainable raw material. And building with wood is socially valuable because wooden structures are optimised energetically and therefore affordable over the long term.