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GLULAM BSH SPECIALITIES Glulam special components are beams with dimensions that go beyond the standard measurements but also shapes such as pent roof beams, sloped beams with straight bottom cords, curved beams and free shapes. These are available exclusively on request. Additional services Technical advice Transport Organization of abnormal loads, necessary approvals and escort vehicles. Implementation planning can be carried out by our technical team. Important! The production of special components only sets in following the planning confirmation by the customer. Only then can the delivery date be stated. Trimming service and special processing A broad range of trimming services is on offer, from single cuts right up to constructions ready for assembly. By dint of CNC processing, complex timber joints can be produced efficiently and inexpensively by our trimming machines. Preparation for trimming services: We guarantee expedited processing with the following files: Cadwork (.3d), Dietrich (.zbw), Acis (.sat), Hundegger (.bvn), Krüsi (.btl). It is advisable to include an additional single piece drawing (cadwork .2d or pdf). Special gluing such as screw-press gluing. Fasteners can be premounted or delivered on request. Traditional fasteners are e.g. dovetail connection Modern fasteners are e.g. Sherpa connections Impregnation Laminated beam protection - transparent, non-film forming wood coating agent for transportation and assembly protection Impregnation - transparent, diluted impregnation for protection against rot, blueness, insects and termites Paint coating possible on request! The paint has to be provided by the customer.