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Wood is a fascinating, versatile and intelligent material that plays an important role for us humans in many different ways. In addition to its important role as a provider of well-being, protection and wood as a natural raw material the young tree in the forest fulfils another valuable function: it extracts harmful CO 2 from the air, binds carbon C and releases oxygen O 2 into the atmosphere. Wood has a broad and fascinating range of uses. Whether as a simple wooden spoon, a musical instrument, object of art, furniture, heat and energy provider or as a high-tech product for solid wood structures, we come into contact with this unique raw material every day. The characteristics of this intelligent material are reflected in its load-bearing capacity, durability, stability and fire resistance, to name but a few. Wood also has a positive influence on the well-being of humans and therefore on their health. binderholz NATURE IN ARCHITECTURE WOOD - AN INTELLIGENT RAW MATERIAL BENEFITS OF GLULAM BSH uncomplicated | fast | light | stable load-bearing capacity • dimensional stability short construction times • low weight • high value surface quality high level of prefabrication • large variety of shapes small component dimensions with high strength levels architectural and constructional versatility