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In the tourism sector, binderholz construction solutions are used for the building of hotels, chalets, lodges and resorts. Factors such as building time, construction site noise and dirt play an important role especially with regard to modifications and additions, though they are also relevant for new buildings. binderholz construction solutions set benchmarks in every respect here, because their realizations are fast, dry, clean and quiet. Moreover, on request, a high level of prefabrication shortens the building time considerably, while maintaining high quality. The weight of solid timber is relatively low compared to conventional building materials, offering many structural advantages, e.g. for adding another story to a building. Of course, there are also the well-known advantages of solid timber constructions. Visible wooden surfaces can be used in many ways for the architectural design of interiors. The effect of various wood species such as Swiss pine, silver fir or BBS Antique can be optionally combined with color glazes as well as polished or brushed surfaces. The wooden surfaces make an agreeable atmosphere and, in conjunction with the outstanding properties of the wood substance as a storage for heat and moisture, they ensure a high level of living comfort. MASS TIMBER SOLUTIONS Tourism Fotos: © ZillerSeasons, PREFA/Croce & Wir, cox architecture

Gerlosplatte Youth Hostel Krimml | Austria The main building was built as a solid wood construction using binderholz CLT BBS. The above-ground part of the building is entirely made from binderholz CLT BBS. The only exceptions are the suspended structure of the ramp and emergency exit staircases. Fotos: © Julian Höck

Hotel Strandkind Neustadt in Holstein | Germany A total of 346 m³ binderholz CLT BBS were installed. The ceiling and roof of the building consist largely of BBS 125 elements made of spruce in residential visible quality. BBS XL was only used in those places where it was statically necessary. The walls were built on one half in visible quality and on the other in non-visible quality. Fotos: © Architekten Rissmann & Spieß, Oliver Milczarek

The Wildlife Retreat Taronga Hotel New South Wales | Australia The Wildlife Retreat in Taronga has been designed to demonstrate Australia‘s biodiversity and raise awareness of conservation. The load-bearing construction parts of the rooms consist of binderholz CLT BBS walls and ceilings. They have been used across five 2- or 4-storey building complexes (pods) and are framed by steel. Fotos: © cox architecture

Hotel Klingenstein Blaustein | Germany The new 4-storey hotel building was built in solid wood construction. The 63 hotel rooms were prefabricated as individual room modules in-factory by the company müllerblaustein and were assembled within just 12 days. For the walls and ceilings 650 m³ binderholz CLT BBS were used, partly with the visible wood surface in spruce varnished in a light colour. Fotos: © Conné van d‘Grachten

Hotel Reschenhof Mils | Austria A total of 340 m³ of binderholz CLT BBS was used for this purpose. Thereof, 86 m³ were CLT BBS XL wall elements in non-visible quality. The ceilings, the roof and the other walls are made of CLT BBS 125 elements, mostly in visible quality. Only the underground car park, the foundations and the emergency stairs have been built with reinforced concrete. Fotos: © Schafferer Holzbau GmbH

Hotel MalisGarten Zell am Ziller | Austria Binderholz Bausysteme GmbH and its sales, service and engineering departments were responsible for the entire timber construction planning and processing. This included static pre-assessment, work preparation and project planning of the construction project. Fotos: © ZillerSeasons

Seethalerhuette at the Dachstein Austria An architectural competition was announced for the project definition and produced various designs that met the complex requirements for the new hut construction in the glacier area in different ways. The result is a modern building, which consists above ground of a prefabricated wooden structure of 140 m³ binderholz CLT BBS and in which the building technology is housed in the concrete basement. Fotos: © PREFA/Croce & Wir, Richard Goldeband

Hotel Werdenfelserei Garmisch-Partenkirchen | Germany The hotel is fancy, easy-going and foremost one thing - natural. The green exterior invigorates the natural wooden façade even more. All in all, 1,050 m³ solid timber in the form of binderholz CLT BBS 125 ceiling and CLT BBS XL walls. Fotos: © Hotel Werdenfelserei | Fotograf Günter Stand

Hotel Sand Kastelbell in Tscharns | Italy The building stands on a coloured concrete foundation, on which, in turn, a solid timber construction in binderholz CLT BBS is built. Particular attention was paid to the interplay and contrast between the wood and stone and to the weatherproof-treated spruce wood façade made of binderholz profiled timber, which lends the building an original and luxurious appearance. Fotos: © binderholz, Rene Riller Fotografie

Hotel 2050 Rutesheim near Stuttgart | Germany The unique feature of the project lies in its sustainable hybrid construction method, by means of which timber and concrete are intelligently combined and delivered as composite elements. The building is essentially made of timber, with the exception of the core of the staircase which is constructed from finished concrete elements. All outer walls are made of binderholz CLT BBS. Fotos: © Brüninghoff GmbH & Co. KG

Schmiedhof Alm Alpine Restaurant Zell am See | Austria A traditional ski chalet with a timber construction saddle roof was built on top of the existing solid base floor. The framework of the ski hut is made of binderholz CLT BBS, visible quality on the inside and internally insulated visible concrete exterior walls for the monolith, which houses the kitchen. Fotos: © Friedrich Mayr Szummer

Treehouse Suites V-Hotel Bonn | Germany Walls, ceilings and even the floor plate were made of binderholz CLT BBS elements and consist of 5 layer 14 cm thick BBS elements with a visual quality pine finish. Each of these treehouses offers 20 m² living space with every conceivable luxury that would be found in a four-star hotel room. Fotos: © V-Hotel GmbH

Hotel Watles Mals im Vinschgau | Italy The multi-storey hotel was completely modernised in just seven weeks. The shell of the building was completed within a few days. Subsequent changes could be undertaken quickly and simply thanks to the use of binderholz CLT BBS. Fotos: © Zimmerei Fleischmann, binderholz

Conversions DasPosthotel Zell am Ziller | Austria A combination of binderholz CLT BBS and glulam BSH was used for the whole of the floor additions, profile wood for the outer facade; in addition, there were various applications of 3-layer solid timber panels. For the warm and inviting interior design, different old woods from the Zillertal were selected. Fotos: © dasPosthotel

ZillerSeasons Zillertal | Austria DasPosthotel in Zell am Ziller has been extended with a 4-storey annexe made using binderholz CLT BBS. The expansion includes five new suites, a gym, a ski room and a „Summit Lounge“ with an open fireplace. Luxurious and with high quality interiors - especially in wood - this design hotel offers an especially natural and homely feel right throughout the year. Fotos: © dasPosthotel

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