CLT BBS processing manual

44 Binderholz Bausysteme GmbH SHELL CONSTRUCTION DETAILS | SYMBOLS Symbol Denomination Function Dimension (Examples) Concrete anchor or screw anchor For fastening on mineral substrate (concrete, stone) Ø 12 x 178 mm Ø 16 x 220 mm Fully threaded screw Selfdrilling screw for wood For the transmission of high tensile forces, e.g. in suspender beams Ø 8 x 140 mm Comb nail For fastening angle connectors, joist hangers, metal plates and for the execution of cross-type screw fittings Ø 4 x 60 mm Wood screw Selfdrilling partially threaded screw for wood Increase of the head pull-through value by means of using washers Ø 6 x 80 mm Ø 8 x 100 mm Ø 8 x 160 mm Washer head screw Selfdrilling partially threaded screw for wood Large screw head for high head pull-through values Ø 8 x 200 mm Ø 10 x 240 mm Ø 10 x 360 mm LEGAL NOTE The presented dimensions (especially connecting means) and symbol images are to be understood as examples and do not replace subject specific or project-specific static and physical calculation.