CLT BBS processing manual

42 Binderholz Bausysteme GmbH ASSEMBLY | PROTECTION Weather protection Execution CLT BBS may get wet during the construction phase, but avoid waterlogging Before mounting further layers (e.g. ceiling extension, roof structures), make sure wood moisture is reduced to a maximum of 18% (check with a wood moisture measuring device) Permanently cover narrow areas (end grain) (use binderholz foil from the packages), install windows as fast as possible Caution with surfaces in visible quality: avoid optical defects caused by water stains and dirt pollution Temporary construction time sealing On request, a full-surface temporary construction time sealing can be applied on our CLT BBS elements at the factory. This can be temporarily used during the construction time for up to 4 weeks on ceilings and roofs and can be exposed to the weather (including driving rain and UV light). The processing instructions of the manufacturer of the sealing membrane as well as the binderholz instructions on the temporary construction time sealing, must be observed at any time. For further details, please ask our sales representatives. These are binderholz suggestions, hints, examples © SIGA © SIGA