binderholz CLT BBS

TESTED QUALITY PEFC All binderholz products are PEFC-certified and controlled. The implementation of the strict PEFC criteria and permanent internal self-monitoring of the movements of round and sawn timber in combination with annual external monitoring on site is ensured. EPD Institut Bauen und Umwelt e.V. (IBU) has issued the certificate Enviromental Product Declaration (EPD) for all binderholz solid wood products. This certificate includes all the environmental and resource-saving features of the tested product throughout its whole lifecycle. USA APPROVAL ICC-ES ESR-4081 binderholz CLT BBS is approved for the US market in the formats CLT BBS 125, CLT BBS 120, CLT BBS 4ft and CLT BBS XL according to the requirements of the International Building Code IBC. The certification was carried out by the International Code Council Evaluation Service ICC-ES and assigned the approval number ESR-4081. The basis for this is the US standard ANSI/APA PRG-320-2019. APPROVED THROUGHOUT EUROPE binderholz CLT BBS is a building material with CE marking, approved throughout Europe. Already in 2006, CLT BBS received the European Technical Approval ETA-06/0009 as well as the French approval DTA 3.3/19-1007_V1. CLT BBS is nationally and internationally certified and approved in Europe via the European Technical Assessment ETA-06/0009. Recognised European testing institutes regularly monitor all binderholz production sites. binderholz provides free programmes for the static design of binderholz CLT BBS to planners, engineers and customers. STATICS AND CONSTRUCTION binderholz DC statics The software company Dietrich's developed this company-specific version of a design program for solid wood construction with binderholz. binderholz DC Statics is free of charge for our customers. In addition to project management features, the program contains various input interfaces for designing CLT BBS ceilings, roofs, walls and beams. Due to the extensive material data supplied, the intuitive tools and the automatic determination of the loads, there is no need to search for information in other sources. Automatic generation of the evidence documents, in a clear gradation, ensures the verifiability of the evidence. Wallner Mild construction software With this Excel-based program, binderholz CLT BBS components such as walls, ceilings, roofs and beams can be easily sized. The calculations are carried out in accordance with Eurocode 5 (EN 1995-1) taking into account the country-specific national appendices and documented in a component-related expression. Download Download E S R - 4 0 8 1