binderholz CLT BBS

CLT BBS is multi-layered and completely made of solid wood. By gluing longitudinal and transverse layers, the "working" of the wood is reduced to a minimum. This way, the requirements to modern building material are safely met. CLT BBS is solid finished wood that insulates heat while transferring loads. It is fire-resistant and has good sound-insulating features. It can be quickly assembled in a dry state and has a positive effect on the well-being of humans. With 99.4% wood and 0.6% adhesive, CLT BBS is a monolithic building material. Thanks to the combined application of the CLT BBS 125, CLT BBS 120 or CLT BBS 4ft system format and the large-format CLT BBS XL panel, handlers and planners can work even more flexibly with CLT BBS and thus make targeted use of the advantages of each individual format. BINDERHOLZ CLT BBS CLT BBS WALL CLT BBS wall elements meet all requirements of statics, stiffening, fire protection and building physics safely and solidly. CLT BBS constructions achieve all the usual thermal insulation values, which are state-of-the-art, and create a comfortable and balanced indoor climate due to the diffusion-open structure and the ability to dampen peak values of the room humidity. CLT BBS CEILING The design of ceilings with CLT BBS not only provides structural advantages such as a self-supporting and dry construction, disc effect, shape-stable components, sufficient fire and sound insulation, but also finished visible surfaces as well as a high degree of residential comfort due to the positive effect of the wood mass on the indoor climate. CLT BBS ROOF CLT BBS is suitable for any roof shape. This allows for rapid rain tightness and a finished visible surface on the inside. CLT BBS roof constructions meet all static, fire protection and sound engineering requirements safely and solidly. Since CLT BBS insulates heat well and stores it excellently at the same time, it not only contributes to a pleasantly warm room temperature in winter, but also to optimal protection against overheating of the building in summer (summer heat protection). © Åke Eson, ARKITEKTBOLAGET © Holztechnikum Kuchl