binderholz CLT BBS

Wood is a fascinating, versatile and at the same time intelligent material that plays an important role for us human beings in many ways. The young tree in the forest already fulfils a valuable purpose in addition to its important functions for our wellbeing, nature protection and as a useful material. It removes harmful CO2 from the air, binds carbon C and releases oxygen O2 to the atmosphere. Due to the many fascinating applications of the raw material, we come into contact with wood every day. Be it as a simple cooking spoon, a musical instrument, an art object, furniture, heat and energy supplier or as a high-tech product for solid wood construction. The properties of this intelligent material are reflected, for example, in its load-bearing capacity durability, stability and fire resistance. Wood also has a positive effect on people's wellbeing and thus on their health. binderholz NATURE IN ARCHITECTURE WOOD, AN INTELLIGENT RAW MATERIAL ADVANTAGES OF CLT BBS CONSTRUCTION uncomplicated | fast | dry The massive CLT BBS wood construction combines all the known advantages of solid constructions such as sound insulation, fire protection, solid construction, value resistance and more, with the ecological advantages of the sustainable raw material wood. CLT BBS  residential comfort  solid construction  sustainable  fast  wood  summer heat protection  ecological  beautiful  natural  sound insulation  little waste  film-free construction  nature in architecture  short construction times  2-axle load transfer  storage-effective mass  100-percent added value  visible quality  uncomplicated  natural product  warm surface  room gain  open to diffusion  dry  high shape stability  steam brake  low noise exposure  simple connection details  value-resistant  fire protection  high insulation value  rainproof after a few days  wood mass  low temperature flow  high prefabrication  low construction strengths  no drying times