binderholz CLT BBS

Hilti fire foreclosures Existing fire protection solutions with Hilti cable and pipe sleeves (grommets) in combination with CLT BBS have been proven to guarantee safe sealing against fire, smoke and extreme temperature. For this purpose, binderholz and Hilti have carried out extensive fire resistance tests on CLT BBS wall and ceiling elements. For more details, please ask our sales representatives. Temporary sealing for the construction period On request, a full-surface temporary sealing for the construction period can be offered at the factory. It can be applied for up to 4 weeks as temporary construction time sealing for ceilings and roofs and allows the goods to be exposed to outdoor weathering (rain and UV exposure). The processing instructions of the manufacturer of the sealing membrane as well as the instructions of the company binderholz regarding the temporary construction time sealing must be observed and adhered to. For more details, please ask our sales representatives. Dip impregnation For protection against fungal and insect infestations, CLT BBS can be dip-impregnated in the factory on request. This procedure meets country-specific requirements for wood protection. The immersible impregnation meets the French "Classe 2" requirements. Prefabricated wall elements On request, we offer the prefabrication of CLT BBS wall elements with one-sided or double-sided plasterboard cladding. The cladding can be carried out either single-layer, multi-layer or as an attachment shell. We process 12.5 mm, 15 mm and 18 mm thick plasterboard. The wall elements are protected from weathering during delivery.