binderholz CLT BBS

BINDERHOLZ CLT BBS | GENERAL NOTES Transport sealing and packaging During transport, CLT BBS elements are protected from weather impact. For this purpose, the CLT BBS elements are either combined to individual packages or loaded directly onto semi-trailers at the factory, and the entire load is sealed off as one package protected from weather conditions. In coordination with the customer, as far as possible, the sequence of deliveries and package sizes are agreed on, under consideration of the legal transport regulations. CLT BBS ceiling and roof elements are packed with the "visible side down, except the bottom element" in each package. This way we ensure the protection of the high-quality CLT BBS visible surfaces from contamination and damage during loading and unloading, transport and intermediate storage. Lifting systems On request, we can already install various lifting systems at the factory. Dependant on the component size and use, you can choose from the following systems: • T-Lift screw for lifting system • Lifting slings in lengths of 0.8 m | 1.0 m | 1.5 m | 2 m • Lifting slings with steel bar • Through-holes and blind holes for Pitzl Power Clamp or Siga Pick CNC Processing CLT BBS is machined with automatic profiling and CNC-controlled cutting systems. These machining devices are equipped with tools for the processing of raw material. Unloading aids On request, lifting loops can be attached to the CLT BBS packages at the factory. This ensures fast and safe unloading of the truck. Transport and loading In principle, the CLT BBS elements are transported lying down, regardless of whether they are delivered by truck, train or ship. However, on request, it is also possible to load the CLT BBS elements in an upright position. The delivery of special orders with custom lengths and/or widths is also part of our daily responsibilities and is gladly offered taking into account legal and country-specific transport regulations. Long-distance transport of CLT BBS by rail can be an attractive alternative to truck transport. It is environmentally friendly, CO2-saving and suitable for large volumes. Whether transported by truck or train, goods are loaded by forklift or crane. CLT BBS elements for ship transport can be ideally loaded into containers at the factory by means of a special loading device. For more details, please ask our sales representatives.