binderholz densified biofuels

Quality makes the decisive difference! binderholz pellets and briquettes undergo continuous internal and external quality controls that guarantee continuously steady top quality. This way, binderholz quality products achieve test results that are far above the requirements of the common standards. At all sites, binderholz produces according to the exclusive HD technology ( , which optimises the homogeneity of the pellet lengths. This way, the combustion chamber is filled evenly at all times, the emissions are reduced, the mechanical strength is improved and the ash concentration is reduced. Our pallets are delivered in top quality by the pallets tank lorry in Tyrol and vicinity. We assure a quick and uncomplicated delivery by means of state- of-the-art silo trucks with integrated calibrated weighing system (on-board weight). Test results for binderholz pellets binderholz spruce-based pellets (Ø 6 mm) Length optimised pellets Upper heating value 18,9 MJ/kg = 5,2 kWh/kg Heating value 17,64 MJ/kg = 4,9 kWh/kg Bulk density 690 kg/m 3 Mechanical strength 98,9 % Water content ~ 6,8 % Ash (550 °C) 0,3 % Fines 0,2 % Ash fusion temperature (FT) 1.428 °C Without any chemical additives Can be supplied in 15 kg bags (70 bags/throw-away pallet), in bulk or in tankers just in time - clean and convenient, Big bags on request Binderholz GmbH · Holzindustrie Zillertalstrasse 39 · A-6263 Fügen fon +43 5288 601 · fax +43 5288 601-11009 · Download You can find a video on the manufacture of binderholz densified biofuels at You can find information on sponsorship at , or Fotos: binderholz, Eberharter, Senfter / GB -05-2019 Test results for binderholz briquettes binderholz spruce-based briquettes (Ø 9 cm) Heating value 18,9 MJ/kg = 5,25 kWh/kg Density 1,2 kg/dm 3 Water content ~ 8 % Ash 0,2 % Available in 10 kg packets (100 packets/throw-away pallet)