AFFORDABLE LIVING SPACE TO FEEL AT HOME IN A renewable and, as a result, infinitely available raw material, wood is one of the oldest building materials known to mankind. And for good reason, because wood naturally fulfils many requirements of a construction material: high load-bearing capacity, predictable fire behaviour, good thermal insulation behaviour at a high heat storage capacity, sufficient solidity for good sound insulation as well as excellent diffusion properties. Wood is familiar to us. We all know the positive, natural properties of wood as a building material. The comfortable indoor climate a wood construction provides is widely appreciated. But now more than ever, trees - entities that produce oxygen and sequester carbon – play an enormously important role in connection with one of mankind's greatest challenges: limiting global warming. Our forests are not only the 'lungs of the earth' but also the global carbon sink of our atmosphere. More use of wood in construction is active climate protection and at the same time leads to living spaces with a high feel-good factor and a comfortable indoor climate. www.b-solution.com

What is b_solution? A system building solution made of prefabricated solid wood components for multi-storey residential construction that can be individually configured. b_solution makes residential timber buildings accessible to all, to investors, project developers, planners and architects, construction companies and residents. b_solution solves all wood construction-related issues in a well thoughtout, technically mature, certified and fully integrated way. No specialist wood construction knowledge is required to design, plan and build with b_solution, because we have solved all the details with our experts. b_solution stands for commitment in quality, time and price due to the continuous digitisation of all processes. b_solution can be completely dismantled. The solid wood components are reusable. At the end of its life cycle, the wood used can be ecologically recycled and thus returned to the natural CO2 cycle. b_solution iis a company of the binderholz Group. 'From the tree to the mass timber solution, following the zero-waste principle' is the credo of the family-owned company binderholz. b_solution is certified with the Ü or ÜA label and is a member of the DGNB.

Standard components instead of standard buildings Investors, clients, project developers and architects know exactly what is important when designing a residential building. They know the needs of their customers, the regional political and legal framework, but above all their own ideas and requirements for a successful building project. b_solution relies on configurable standard components made of solid wood forwalls, ceilings and roofs, which reliably meet the normative as well as legal requirements in Germany and Austria for a multi-storey residential building in timber construction. Design structures, execution details, fire protection, sound insulation, statics and building physics as well as clearly defined interfaces in planning and construction are integral components of this individual construction kit solution. Wall Ceiling b_box

Ground plan design freedom Modern design, high energy standards, smart technical building equipment as well as sustainable and ecological building concepts can be economically implemented with b_solution at high quality and with efficient planning, short construction time and at fixed costs. Every client, project developer, architect and contractor can design, plan and build with b_solution. Our competent employees advise and support in the simple handling of b_solution. We keep it simple for your smile.

Individual puzzle pieces for a finished solution For each project request, the b_solution system software independently generates the design structures of the individual building components, in each case adapted to the corresponding building class, country-specific building laws and guidelines. Statics, fire, sound and heat protection are thus reliably solved. Based on this, the customer can individually plan their desired construction project using any CAD software. Various choices regarding façade solutions, window sizes and designs, shading, roof terrace solutions and concept balconies are available for the design of the building envelope. 'Pure' is what we call the basic equipment for each b_solution apartment, which can be customised as an option. It is comprised of high-quality and durable materials. The so-called b_box, a room module prefabricated down to the last detail, contains not only the building services installations but also the finished bathroom in different equipment variants and thus rounds off the well thought-out b_solution overall concept. Various equipment levels Country-specific building laws and guidelines Individual planning

b_solution is full of solutions. Not each one is visible at first glance. All technical details are solved.

Simply plan and configure Once the customer has completed the planning and configuration of the desired building project and sent it to us, the b_solution system software automatically generates a three-dimensional digital twin of the designed building in a very short time, meaning that the building is ready for production and construction down to the last detail, and is also available with a complete cost calculation. This is made possible by digital cataloguing of all construction and equipment variants coupled with the definition of b_solution industry standards. Configuration and equipment options can be altered at any time on the digital twin, and the cost calculation will be adapted accordingly. Once the final configuration has been determined, the digital twin is 'frozen', i.e. finalised. From this point on, several standardised processes run simultaneously in order to industrially and automatically produce the b_solution kit and to ensure that the building is assembled and completed on schedule and with quality assurance.

We don't leave anything to chance PLANNING AND OFFER It has never been easier to design a multi-story residential building, plan it ready for construction, and determine exact fixed costs and binding construction times. DIGITAL TWIN Your building project has just been planned and has already been converted into a three-dimensional model with all details and equipment information. This so-called digital twin is the basis for all calculations, production and processes. INDUSTRIAL PREFABRICATION With the information based on the digital twin, it it sent directly to the b_solution production department. Industrial production of all system components takes place on the automated prefabrication line. WALLS High degree of prefabrication including scope for planning. Our b_solution prefabricated walls, whose core is made from solid wood, combine this contrast. a

Time is money but quality comes first B_BOX Prefabricated down to the last detail, the room modules include the complete building services installations as well as the well-equipped bathroom. CEILINGS AND ROOFS All ceilings and roofs are made of prefabricated solid wood elements. The wood surfaces visible from the rooms can be left natural, glazed in colour or clad with gypsum boards. DELIVERY AND ASSEMBLY We deliver all system components directly from our production plants to the construction site, protected from the weather and in accordance with the construction process. Quietly, cleanly and dryly, 1 to 2 apartments are then erected daily in the form of shell lease. b c

Sustainable and solid wood The central element of all b_solution wall, ceiling and roof components is binderholz CLT BBS, a construction product made entirely of solid wood. CLT BBS can carry high loads, is fireproof, insulates and stores heat well, and has a sound-absorbing effect. We use all these inherent properties cleverly, in a material-friendly and system-oriented way with our b_solution building components. For example, all b_solution exterior and apartment partition walls are fully load-bearing and, in combination with the b_solution ceilings, simultaneously stiffen the entire building. And the installed wood creates a comfortable and balanced indoor climate, in summer as well as in winter. Ü label / ÜA label All b_solution building products are externally monitored by Holzforschung Austria and comply with the technical building regulations. The building products can therefore be awarded the 'Ü label' as well as the 'ÜA label'.

Components Walls The highly industrially prefabricated precast walls, so-called flatpacks, offer sufficient scope for individual planning. The width and height of the walls and also the position of the window and door openings can be individually selected. The construction of the individual wall structures, on the other hand, is unalterably defined as a system. This results in the decisive advantage of the standardised and thus industrially producible flatpacks. b_solution is suitable for different building site requirements. b_solution’s system corners offer high planning and concept flexibility. Flexible corners ranging from 70 to 110 degrees offer great freedom when designing the ground plan.

Components Ceilings All BBS ceiling and roof elements are delivered directly from the binderholz plants to the construction site - ready to be cut to size and installed quickly, dryly and quietly. The remaining structural components, such as floor heating systems or floor coverings, are then carried out on site. The finely sanded, smooth wooden surfaces of the ceiling and roof elements give every room a warm and comfortable ambience. No matter whether they're left natural or colourfully designed.

3 in 1

Components b_box The b_box combines 3 functions in 1 room module. Standardised building services, well-equipped premium bathroom and static load-bearing effect. Furthermore, we manufacture each b_box in our serial production plant - with quality assurance. Combination hybrid distributor All flat distributors and connections are easily accessible in the so-called combined hybrid distributor directly next to the b_box entrance door. Electrical, cold and hot water, heating, pumps, ducts, fire bulkheads, ventilation, moisture sensors and many other mechanical, electrical and plumbing equipment (MEP) are system-based, certified and pre-installed in the b_box. A b_box can be produced in 4 to 8 hours and installed on site in just 20 minutes. The entire MEP planning of the b_solution building structure comes from us. MEP - tidy, compact and carefree. Equipment levels Shower or bathtub, single or double washbasin, barrier-free and with washing machine connection - the b_box is also a fully tiled and equipped bathroom with toilet. Optionally, the equipment levels 'pure' or 'high' are available. The bathroom ceiling is a modern design in white glazed wood, making every occupant feel at home. Made entirely of solid wood elements (CLT BBS), the b_box systematically fits into the entire b_solution construction as a load-bearing and stable modular unit. No-compromise quality b_solution’s quality management is based on clearly defined and mostly digitised processes. Independent bodies monitor and certify our detailed solutions, products, manufacturing processes and quality. Various certificates prove that our quality-tested components meet all legal guidelines and standards.

Fully digitised production. Generating quality while reducing costs.

b_solution stands for affordable residential construction. However, we don't save on the quality of our suppliers or materials and neither on the quality of our products and mass timber solutions. We save on time. In planning, production and installation on site. Low warehouse stock and optimised material cuts, digitised logistics and short journeys, a streamlined organisation and quality-assured processes, innovative and automated production lines as well as technically competent and trained employees are the success factors in our industrial production. The individual production stations in our b_solution plant are centrally controlled from a so-called host computer which is supplied with all data necessary for production and procurement in the form of the digital twin created in the planning phase. Independent of the weather, we produce system components for up to 2,000 residential units at consistent quality in series and under optimal conditions in our b_solution plant in Hallein, Austria. Why don't you visit us?

binderholz Intelligent and varied solid wood solutions At binderholz, 100 % of the renewable raw material wood are utilised. From the cultivation of seedlings and forest management to timber harvesting, processing in the sawmills, products for the doit-yourself sector, customised packaging solutions, the manufacture of solid wood products, innovative mass timber solutions and affordable housing, the entire value chain is consistently implemented. Waste wood from production is processed into densified biofuels, green electricity, pressboard pallets and pressed pallet blocks. In the timber industry, the name Binder is associated with a sense of tradition and integrity, combined with modern technology and innovation. From humble beginnings as a small sawmill more than 70 years ago, the family-run binderholz has grown into a fully integrated group of companies that utilises state-of-the-art technology and manufacturing methods. Besides its original headquarters in Fügen, Austria, the binderholz Group operates 60 other sites. More than 6,300 employees in Europe and the US share a passion for wood. Solvay-Halvic-Strasse 46 A-5400 Hallein, Salzburg, Austria fon +43 6245 70500 office@b-solution.com www.b-solution.com 100% SUPPLY OF ALL PRODUCTION PLANTS BY OUR OWN SAWMILLS BUILDING INDUSTRY TRADE PROCESSOR DIY CONSUMER Lumber Profiled timber Planed timber Garden wood SAWING PRODUCTS TIMBER CONSTRUCTION PRODUCTS binderholz CLT BBS binderholz Glulam GLT Solid structural wood KVH® Solid wood panels SAW MILLS RECYCLING THERMIC USE RE-USE BIOFUEL SAWING BY-PRODUCTS Green electricity Community heating Densified biofuels Horse litter Pressboard pallets and pressed pallet blocks Solar energy Atmosphere FORESTRY SERVICE PROVIDER REFORESTATION