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Passion for wood

Franz Binder senior turned his passion for wood into a profession during the 1950s. Still only a small sawmill operation 50 years ago, binderholz today presents itself as a leading European company, equipped with advanced technologies and production methods, with a corresponding reputation on the timber material market.

In 1950 the timber trading company Franz Binder was founded
1957Purchase of a small sawmill in Fügen
1963headquarter Fügen
1974In 1974 the existing single frame saw mill was demolished and replaced with a rebuilt double frame saw mill. The sawing capacity was subsequently increased to 60.000 fm per year
1984Within a few hours on the 14th October 1984 a huge fire had destroyed the original industrial plant which had been constructed over the last 27 years
In 1984 and 1985 the production facilities were reconstructed with the most up-to-date technology and the sawing output was further increased to (a new level of) 210.000 fm per year
1989In 1989 the solid wood board factory in St. Georgen near Salzburg started production
1996In 1996 the glulam factory in Jenbach (Tirol) started production and the timber trade market was unveiled in Fügen
1999In 1999 the MDF plant at Hallein started production
2004Put into operation of the biomass power plant and pellets/briquettes mill in Fügen
2005In 2005 a centre for advanced wood processing at Kösching/Interpark - woodcenter started production
Opening of the ”FeuerWerk HolzErlebnisWelt”, gallery at ”FeuerWerk”, Fügen
2006In 2006 cross laminated timber factory in Unternberg/Salzburg startet production
2007New workshop building in Fügen
Extension to headquarter in Fügen
2011Commissioning of CLT BBS XL production, Unternberg
2014Closure of MDF plant, Hallein
2015Take-over of glulam factory Burgbernheim/Neustadt an der Aisch
2016Take-over of Lieksa and Nurmes sawmills, Finland
Conversion to cross laminated timber factory in Burgbernheim/Neustadt an der Aisch
2017Extension to the glulam factory in Jenbach/Tirol
Take-over of glulam factory and planning mill in Lieksa/Finland
Take-over of sawmill and timber industry „Klenk Holz AG“ in Oberrot, Baruth and Wolfegg, Germany