Why solid timber construction?

Solid timber is natural, beautiful and cozy.

Building projects evolve with binderholz solid timber products and construction solutions, which all standard requirements in terms of structural physics and fire protection. Solid wood buildings retain their value, are stable and meet the most stringent demands on quality, cost-effectiveness and ecological sustainability.

In order to guarantee this, all binderholz construction solutions are developed with practicality in mind. They are comprehensively tested and certified. Moreover, they make fast, dry, clean and quiet building possible.

Owing to the extensive research, development and certification work on the part of binderholz, solid timber buildings can be technically realized today – within the framework of what's possible under the building law – so they reliably meet all applicable building standards.

A broad range of successfully implemented reference properties and a constantly rising demand provide proof that solid timber construction is very popular as well as being commercially competitive.

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Yet, alongside these technical and commercial factors, there are other good arguments in favor of solid timber construction.

Coziness and air quality
Solid timber stands for well-being and living comfort. The broad scope of design options that opens up to the architect is certainly one factor to ensure this. Inside the building, for example, the visible surfaces of different wood species such as spruce, Swiss pine, silver fir or BBS Antique can be combined and further customized by color glazes as well as by polished or brushed surfaces. In conjunction with the outstanding properties of the wood substance as a storage for heat and moisture, the warm wooden surfaces ensure a well-balanced living climate and a high level of living comfort.

Slim, lightweight designs with a high degree of prefabrication
binderholz construction solutions allow for a high degree of prefabrication. It shortens building times considerably while always maintaining high quality. In addition, solid timber constructions have an attractive ratio in terms of gross and net living space compared to conventional methods. Especially in the urban space, this has become increasingly important when considering the building costs.

Intelligent combinations of solid timber and conventional building materials such as concrete, steel and glass can result in cost-efficient hybrid solutions, which combine the advantages of traditional materials with the merits of solid timber construction. The comparatively low weight of solid wood is a great advantage, for example. When building another story to a building, this strength is literally brought to bear. Solid timber wins the argument here on account of its structural possibilities and the fact that the load on the building, owing to the low weight, is not substantially increased.

Eco-bonus wood
When it comes to aspects of environmental protection, wood as a natural raw material has numerous advantages over conventional building materials.

Wood ...
... has a soothing effect and increases well-being
... is constantly regrowing in sufficient amounts
... is a natural carbon sink; it binds CO2 and is thus actively contributing to climate protection
... is a natural energy storage
... can be 100% ecologically recycled

Criteria such as ecology, sustainability, life cycle costs, recycling and a conservative use of resources play an ever more important role when it comes to the question of suitable construction solutions and building materials. Solid timber construction is clearly superior to all conventional construction methods in all these factors. In addition, binderholz construction solutions offer high quality with comparatively low expenditures in terms of building time and costs.

Moreover, binderholz produces in accordance with the no-waste principle. This means the raw material of wood is 100% utilized, with largely climate-neutral methods. It begins with conservative wood harvesting from sustainably managed forests and ends with a broad range of solid timber products on offer. All by-products accumulated in production are completely utilized. They are converted into green energy in proprietary biomass combined heat and power stations or for the production of biofuels. Furthermore, binderholz construction solutions feature a high degree of recoverability; at the end of their useful life, they can be 100% ecologically recycled. Thus binderholz ensures a conservative and intelligent use of the raw material of wood.

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