ZillerSeasons, Zillertal | Austria

Project DasPosthotel, extension
Location Zell am Ziller, Austria
Construction 2011

Client Fam. Binder-Egger
Timber construction Rieder KG
Thomas Urthaler
Dipl. Ing. Astrid Metzler

Project HochLeger Chalets Deluxe
Location Aschau, Austria
Construction 2013

Client DasPosthotel GmbH
Timber construction Holzbau Schweinberger
Architect Thomas Urthaler
Statics DI Thomas Larcher

Project ZillerLodge Suites Deluxe
Location Uderns, Austria
Construction 2014

Client Fam. Binder-Egger
Timber construction Holzbau Schweinberger
Architect Thomas Urthaler
Statics DI Thomas Larcher

Our role models are the farmers of the Valais in Switzerland. Focusing on the essentials.

"Timber allows us to combine tradition and craft, but also innovation and the spirit of the future. There are almost no limits to the creative diversity of building and furnishing with wood. The solid wood construction guarantees durability. Wood can move, bringing positive energy to houses, rooms and their occupants. Classic timeless, authentic architecture, natural beauty, gently adapting itself to the landscape. Built of native, untreated wood - spruce, fir, larch, oak and stone pine each with their very own special fragrance, textured, brushed, chopped and hand-planed. When implementing this project, nature, sustainability and functionality were all a top priority and this is reflected in the low level of energy required. Heating is by wood or pellets. Natural wood, handcrafted details and harmonious accessories come together in a symbiotic relationship - energy that makes you feel good."

The Binder-Egger family

"I must do something special. I must inspire. I take my surroundings very seriously and am inspired by art and travel, but above all by human encounters and nature itself. Without making any preparations, I allow every room to develop its own individual character. The final decisions are only taken during the construction process - often when I am on site.
Precious craftsmanship - properly staged - can bring a new dimension of Alpine home decor to life!

Harald Margreiter, Interior Designer

The Facts

DasPosthotel in Zell am Ziller has been extended with a 4-storey annexe made using binderholz CLT BBS. The expansion includes five new suites, a gym, a ski room and a "Summit Lounge" with an open fireplace. Luxurious and with high quality interiors - especially in wood - this design hotel offers an especially natural and homely feel right throughout the year.

The HochLeger mountain chalets, covering three luxury chalets with a modern decor and an alpine touch, are an inspiration. Consisting of a romantic chalet, a hunting lodge and a sports chalet, they are characterized by a unique combination of style, design, exclusivity and discreet service. Whether in a centrally landscaped swimming pond, built of BBS larch, or in the cozy interior, chalet guests can enjoy the tranquility and seclusion of nature in the Zillertal Aschau at about 1,054 m above sea level as they gaze through large panoramic windows.

The ZillerLodge is located in the most beautiful position at the new golf club in Zillertal Uderns, near the town center and yet in a quiet area. Here you can enjoy the magnificent view of the glittering surface of the lake at the fourth green and simply unwind. Four high quality suites, also equipped with large panoramic windows, make the golf course and its lush green lawns appear so close that you could touch it. The combination of antique furniture and specially designed furnishing create, par excellence, an ambience that reflects the rich diversity of the wood.

In all of these unique buildings, wellbeing, comfort and nature are the paramount objective.
Rustic BBS visible surfaces and the selective use of old wood in combination with modern and functional equipment make your stay in any of these beautiful ZillerSeasons into an unforgettable experience!


The annexe to the PostHotel, consisting of approximately 1,090 m² of BBS walls and 1,030 m² of BBS ceilings, was built by Rieder KG in just five weeks. On the ground floor, burnt spruce boarding adorns the facade. The upper floor has been fitted with larch weatherboarding. The total construction time for the timber construction was five months, but the shell was ready after only two days!

The HochLeger and ZillerLodge mountain chalets were, wherever possible, prefabricated by Holzbau Schweinberger at their factory and set up in record time.

It is well known that there is a lot of snow in the Zillertal during the winter season, so all three construction projects had to be completed in the summer months. In the case of the HochLeger mountain chalets, the wood construction company not only had to fight against the difficult conditions in steep terrain, but also with a sudden onset of winter. Thanks to the high level of prefabrication, they were able to respond immediately and each of the chalets were quickly weatherproofed.

The solid wood structures consist entirely of binderholz CLT BBS. For the most part, special surfaces such as stone pine, larch or BBS Antique (steamed & brushed pine) were used. They relied on binderholz's broad product range when constructing the facade and all other components. Without exception, the wood came from proven sources in Austria and was PEFC certified.

The theme of sustainability runs like a red thread through the whole concept of these ZillerSeasons.

Energy is derived from renewable sources, while all the food comes from the Zillertal region, directly from local farmers and is, of course, entirely organic!

ZillerSeasons have been awarded the Austrian Ecolabel and the EU Ecolabel as well! The knowledge that these projects support sustainable and controlled forest management gives a long-lasting homely and cozy feeling - in every single Beauty!


Extension of DasPosthotel, longitudinal and cross-section
HochLeger Chalets - longitudinal section
ZillerLodge Suites, longitudinal and cross-section


The ZillerSeasons were able to enrich the Zillertal and its related tourism with three special buildings.

In the HochLeger mountain chalets, guests experience a sophisticated decor with an alpine touch, ideal for romantic holidays, skiing or hiking. The ZillerLodge is located directly on the golf course in Zillertal Uderns and offers guests a retreat that combines style, design and exclusivity. Through the interplay of wood, stone and a purist design, DasPosthotel guests are immersed in a sensual atmosphere of comfort.

Interesting aspects from the builders' perspective

Construction work

The entire building and furnishing work was carried out with great precision. The precise design meant that we were able to adhere to the construction schedule to the day, which made for great planning. The rapidity of the construction of the multi-storey hotel was of considerable interest - the shell was completed within two days. Thanks to the binderholz CLT BBS, subsequent changes could be carried out quickly and easily.

Wooden surfaces - care | pollution

Originally, we were very skeptical, but now after four years of experience with our annexe I am able to smile as I think back on the old carpet in the hotel. If we were unable to remove a stubborn stain, the whole carpet had to be replaced.

Now, with natural wood floors in all areas, cleaning is a breeze. We simply wipe the floor with a wood floor soap, done. And the older it gets, the more beautiful it becomes. The untreated BBS walls and ceilings in visual quality can be easily cleaned. Our suites still look like new. We would not hesitate to do it all again! Untreated wood is valuable not only in terms of health, but simply unbeatable as far as maintenance is concerned.

Feedback from guests

It was not only the unique indoor climate that impressed our guests, but also the principle of sustainability.
It is evident in every detail, that for us sustainability is not just a marketing gimmick, but something we really live out - from the choice of building materials up the jam at the breakfast table!

Photos: DasPosthotel GmbH

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