Scientia Academy, Staffordshire | Great Britain

Project Two-storey all-day school
Place Staffordshire, Great Britain
Construction 2014

Client Staffordshire County
Council / Entrust
General contractor
Seddons Construction
Execution of timber
X-LAM Alliance
Entrust Design Consultancy /
Staffordshire County Council
Use of BBS
Hybrid construction consisting
of steel beams with binderholz
CLT BBS elements

The design objective of this all-day school was to provide added value for all children. This involved creating a good environment for teaching, as well as offering a 4D cinema, large recreational rooms, specially designed classrooms and a garden on the roof of the school building.
The Scientia Academy is an all-day school for children aged 3 to 11. This school offers a calm and pleasant atmosphere and sets high standards in terms of respect, politeness, work and performance for all children and adults. The school offers a series of additional services to parents, such as a part-time nursery.

This innovative building is built as a hybrid construction with steel beams and binderholz CLT BBS elements. Building Information Modelling (BIM) was used to ensure the precise fit and coordination of all work by the individual trades (steelwork, timber work etc.) This entails centrally filing a precisely detailed 3D model of the building and releasing it to the specialist trades involved. These specialist trades input their materials and all components into a central BIM file, reducing the risk of faulty design to a minimum from the outset.

All elements were delivered to site prefabricated providing multiple benefits:

·   Precise prefabrication
·   Production independent of the weather
·   High quality standards 
·   Fast assembly
·   Lower noise pollution on site
·   Reduced waste on site

The building comprises seven two-storey sections, all connected to each other by a central space. The architects set great store by the position of the school complex and the walking distance to the surrounding residential districts, as well as by optimum learning and teaching conditions for students and teachers. All classrooms are designed to have the flexibility to accommodate teaching in smaller groups.

Photos: © B & K Structures and binderholz

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