Kindergarten, Neubiberg, GermanyDaycare Centre, Grünberg, GermanyUniversity of Arkansas Library Storage, USAMuseu Interactivo do Megalitismo, Mora, PortugalThe GSK - Carbon Neutral Laboratory for Sustainable Chemistry, Nottingham, Great BritainHTK Kuchl College of Wood Technology, AustriaThe Wave, NTU Sports Hall, Singapore, Republic of SingaporeGrünes Zentrum, Holzkirchen, GermanyMontessori Middle School, Kösching, GermanyDaycare centre, Kösching, GermanyNursing home, Fügen, AustriaKranebitten Kindergarten, Innsbruck, AustriaForestry Administration, Baden-Baden, Germanybilding, Innsbruck, AustriaSchool, Vigarano Mainarda, ItalyScientia Academy, Staffordshire, Great BritainFirehouse, Iffeldorf, GermanySt. Martin's Children's Daycare Centre, Buxheim, GermanyFurness Academy, Cumbria, Great BritainCorporeno di Cento School Centre, Ferrara, ItalyPreston Manor School, London, Great BritainStrand East Tower, London, Great BritainNursing home, Imst, AustriaCentre Pompidou, Metz, France“House of Children” Kindergarten, Innsbruck, AustriaMuseum of photography, Charleroi, BelgiumKindergarten Adsea, Nantes, France

Ecology, sustainability and an environmentally friendly use of natural resources play a role in public and municipal buildings that is just as crucial as the factors of quality, time and cost. binderholz stands for a sustainable, intelligent use of the raw material of wood and acts according to the no waste principle. Timber harvesting that is 100% sustainable and the production of green energy in proprietary biomass combined heat and power stations are part of this approach, as are the production of biofuels from by-products and our broad range of solid timber products and construction solutions, which are all recoverable to a large extent and allow for ecological recycling.

Numerous reference projects throughout Europe provide evidence that binderholz construction solutions in the public-municipal sphere meet all specific regional requirements and can be easily and economically adapted. Applications range from kindergartens, schools and universities to student dormitories, senior residences and care homes to administrative buildings and public housing.

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Kindergarten, Neubiberg | Germany
Daycare Centre,
Grünberg | Germany
University of Arkansas Library Storage | USA
The GSK - Carbon Neutral Laboratory, Nottingham | Great Britain
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Museu Interactivo do Megalitismo, Mora | Portugal
HTK College of wood technology, Kuchl | Austria
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NTU Sports Hall, Singapore |
Republic of Singapore
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Grünes Zentrum,
Holzkirchen | Germany
Montessori Middle School, Kösching | Germany
Daycare centre,
Kösching | Germany
Nursing home, Fügen | Austria
Kranebitten Kindergarten, Innsbruck | Austria
Forestry Administration,
Baden-Baden | Germany
bilding, Innsbruck | Austria
School, Vigarano Mainarda | Italy
Scientia Academy,
Staffordshire | Great Britain
Firehouse, Iffeldorf | Germany
St. Martin's Children's Daycare Centre, Buxheim | Germany
Furness Academy,
Cumbria | Great Britain
Corporeno di Cento School
Centre, Ferrara | Italy
Preston Manor School,
London | Great Britain
Strand East Tower,
London | Great Britain
Nursing home, Imst | Austria
Centre Pompidou,
Metz | France
“House of Children” Kindergarten,
Innsbruck | Austria
Museum of photography, Charleroi | Belgium
Kindergarten Adsea,
Nantes | France