Horse Riding Center Spessart, Linsengericht | Germany

Conceptual design

Project Stables,
functional area and riding arena
Location Linsengericht, Germany
Year of construction 2014

Client Marco Müller
Architecture including statics
SCHLOSSER plan.Projekt

The surface quality of the products used as well as an exact execution were paid special attention to in the entire building. 260 m³ of binderholz CLT BBS as well as 180 m³ glulam including solid structural wood were installed.

It is particularly noteworthy that the value creation chain revolving around the topic of forest and timber worked especially well in this project, because the client supplied the round wood for all the solid timber products used.


The well-insulated riding and training arena is, in accordance with international standards, 20 meters wide and 60 meters long (outside track). Under the ceiling made of solid timber, an elastic underground spreads out, which, in conjunction with the waxed sand, offers the horses a dust-free training opportunity that is gentle on the joints.

A mirror extends over the entire length on the gable side. This allows for continuous monitoring and correction of the horses during training sessions. The laterally-mounted large window fronts in combination with the band of light on the roof ridge ensure ideal lighting conditions.
All the windows have been equipped with an electrical lifting system and can, if needed, be completely recessed in order to enable a direct view into the open.

A cafeteria, lounge area and sanitary facilities are adjacent to the riding arena.  The horse stable offers space for 25 bays. The storage area for feed and equipment has been laid out in generous dimensions.

A weather-resistant building wing connects the riding arena and the horse stables. In this functional center, the washing area, horse grooming spaces, a solarium for the horses and the saddle chambers are located.

The hippodrome (horse walking area) is situated in the outdoor area. An arena shape developed by SCHLOSSER as horse walking area and lunging ring. The structure was built with rigid frame corners and is therefore completely without supports. Thus the round arena can be used as desired.

Construction of the riding arena

The roofing of the riding arena was executed using trussed pent roof beams made of glulam, the so-called primary structure. A light dome was set up in the ridge area in order to guarantee a maximum of natural lighting. With this kind of design, the entire roof construction appears very lightweight, although it spans an area of 60 x 20 meters without supports. As a secondary structure, a layer made of binderholz CLT BBS 125 elements was mounted on these girders. The walls were also manufactured from BBS. The elegant lightness of the building accentuates the dissolving of the facades in glass walls, which are segmented into large areas.

Design of the horse stables

Sloped beams with arched bottom chord were used for the stables. Also in the stables, the ridge area as well as parts of the walls were executed with a fixed glazing in order to ensure optimal natural lighting.

Experience report

“Owing to my longstanding experience with wood as a construction material, it was self-evident for me to build with this beautiful, natural as well as sustainable material. It is simply wonderful to see how the material for such a building comes from one's own trees!  I have been the supplier of round wood to the Binder family for over 15 years and I am quite delighted that the product portfolio of the binderholz group could provide all the required solid wood products for our horse riding center.”

Marco Müller
Proprietor, Horse Riding Center Spessart

Photos: ©Schlosser Holzbau GmbH, Peggy Müller

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