Road maintenance depot, Haiming, Austriabinderholz office building, Lieksa | FinlandFerribiella Headquarters, Verrone, ItalyOffice block BGV Versicherung, Bad Goisern, AustriaHorse Riding Center Spessart, Linsengericht, GermanyBSkyB, London, Great BritainModular Box, Porto, PortugalFreiburger Hof commercial building, Freiburg, GermanyTiare Shopping Center, Inter Ikea, Villesse, ItalySchachinger logistics center, Linz, AustriaYwood Business, Aix-en-Provence, Francebinderholz office building, Unternberg, AustriaOffice building and commercial premises, Toulouse, FranceOffice block Juwi, Wörrstadt, Germanybinderholz woodcenter, Kösching, Germanybinderholz headquarter, Fügen, Austria

For commercial and industrial buildings, hybrid solutions with solid timber are ideal, e.g. solid timber elements in combination with steel and concrete. They are especially suitable for hall construction, where they are sensible both technically and commercially. Roof structures with a primary bearing structure made of BSH glulam can be realized in different shapes. These constructions are comparatively lightweight and comply with the most stringent fire protection requirements. In addition, they are well-designed aesthetically.

Standardized solutions improve the cost-effectiveness of the buildings considerably in this context. The use of system-based building elements is possible in particular in administrative buildings and office buildings. binderholz only uses tested and certified solid timber components for its construction solutions, thus simplifying and expediting the planning and erection of buildings.

Alongside the cost-effectiveness of a project, topics such as sustainability - both in terms of the building material and the use of the building - ecology, energy, life cycle costs and recycling have high priority. For many clients, these aspects take center stage when planning a new office or administrative building. After all, oftentimes they want the properties to be highly representational. 

Processed intelligently into a binderholz construction solution, wood as a natural and renewable raw material is especially sustainable and ecological. It can be recovered and is 100% recyclable.

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’Quellhof‘ Private Equestrian Centre, Wiesing | Austria
Details Top reference
Road maintenance depot,
Haiming | Austria
Details Top reference
binderholz office building,
Lieksa | Finland
Ferribiella Headquarters,
Verrone | Italy
Office block BGV Versicherung,
Bad Goisern | Austria
Horse Riding Center Spessart,
Linsengericht | Germany
BSkyB, London |
Great Britain
Modular Box, Porto | Portugal
Freiburger Hof,
Freiburg | Germany
Inter Ikea, Villesse | Italy
Schachinger logistics center,
Linz | Austria
Ywood Business,
Aix-en-Provence | France
binderholz office building,
Unternberg | Austria
Office building and commercial premises, Toulouse | France
Office block Juwi,
Wörrstadt | Germany
binderholz woodcenter, Kösching | Germany
binderholz headquarter,
Fügen | Austria