Solid wood panels

binderholz single ply solid wood panel

In interior fixtures and furniture manufacture the use of solid wood panels is increasing in importance as an alternative to other wood materials, particularly in the top end of the range. binderholz single ply solid wood panels have secured a place, as they have the best qualifications for high quality fixtures and do justice to all visual and technical standards. Carefully sorted lamella offer the guarantee of panels with a minimum of cracking and a beautiful, even wood pattern. Environmentally friendly gluing allows the raw material to retain all of its good natural properties and also makes it more stable and durable.

Grades 1-play panels

binderholz GmbH, 1Schichtplatte, Fichte
Spruce A
binderholz GmbH, 1Schichtplatte, Fichte, Qualität B
Spruce B
binderholz GmbH, 1Schichtplatte, Fichte gedämpft
Spruce A steamed
binderholz GmbH, Kiefer, 1Schichtplatte
Scots pine AB
binderholz GmbH, Lärche, 1Schichtplatte
Larch AB

binderholz 3/multiply solid wood panel

binderholz GmbH, Solid wood panel, 3/Multiply panel

binderholz supplies the single, three and multiply solid wood panel for use in high quality interior fittings, furniture making and for use in structural wood construction work. It offers the best conditions for a successful and easy processing and complies with all visual and technical standards. Mechanically visually sorted lamella offer the guarantee of panels with a minimum of cracking and a beautiful, even wood pattern.

The environmentally friendly three or multiply gluing, in combination with the thick top coats ensure that the raw wood material retains all of its good natural properties and also makes it more stable and durable.

binderholz 3/multiply construction panel

binderholz GmbH, 3 ply panel, solid wood panel

The binderholz 3 or multiply construction panel was developed specially for planking large areas external and internal. Technical concept and gluing give the wood material excellent properties regarding to bending and weather resistance. Perfect thermal values and ideal processing options are the basis for an efficient and lasting application. Mechanically visually graded lamella guarantee panels with a minimum of cracking and a beautiful, even wood pattern.

binderholz Jenbach, Fassade, Massivholzplatte
binderholz Fügen, Massivholzplatte, Stiegenhaus, Treppe

binderholz Multistat construction panel

Complementing the binderholz 3-ply / 5-ply construction panels, the binderholz Multistat construction panel is approved for use indoors and outdoors as a structural and bracing wood material. Applications include use as structural timber, flat or curved, bracing and structural components, as well as for static wall, ceiling and roof elements.

binderholz Multistat construction panels carry the AUSTRIA quality mark and have been tested and approved by eph Dresden according to the general type approval currently in force in Germany, No. Z 9.1-413 for 3 and 5-ply solid spruce wood panels.

Grades 3 / multiply panels

binderholz GmbH, Fichte, 3Schichtplatte, Qualität 0
Spruce 0
binderholz GmbH, 3Schichtplatte, Fichte, Qualität A
Spruce A
binderholz GmbH, 3Schichtplatte, Fichte B
Spruce B
binderholz GmbH, 3Schichtplatte, Fichte
Spruce C+
binderholz GmbH, Fichte, 3Schichtplatte, Altholz
Spruce Old wood (one face)
Spruce A steamed
binderholz GmbH, 3Schichtplatte, Thermoform, Fichte
Spruce Thermoform
binderholz GmbH, 3Schichtplatte, Fichte gedämpft, Breitlamelle
Spruce A steamed broad lamella
binderholz GmbH, 3Schichtplatte, Lärche
Larch A
binderholz GmbH, sibirische Lärche, 3Schichtplatte, Qualität B
Larch B
binderholz GmbH, 3Schichtplatte, Kiefer
Scots pine A
binderholz GmbH, Douglasie, 3Schichtplatte, Qualität B
Douglas B
binderholz GmbH, Massivholzplatte, Massivholz, Zirbe
Swiss pine A
binderholz GmbH, 3Schichtplatte, Massivholzplatte, Tanne, rift, halbrift
Silver fir A (quarter sawn/vertical sawn)
binderholz GmbH, 3Schichtplatte, Tanne, halbrift, flader
Silver fir A (vertical and tangential sawn mixed)
binderholz GmbH, Multiform, Massivholzplatte


Wide range of options for external and internal application
Highly stable, compact and strong while relatively lightweight
Minimal cracking - right side of lamella to the outside
Minimal warping - consistent drying of the lamella
Easy to process, durable material
All types of surface and edge processing possible
Natural finish, biologically healthy
Highly durable, breathable material
Environmentally building material - no additional formaldehyde emission

More details can be found in our brochure.

binderholz Fügen, Massivholzplatte, Saal Franz
binderholz Jenbach, binderholz GmbH, Massivholzplatte


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