Profiled timber

binderholz profiled timber

Profiled timber offers architectural design possibilities for external and internal use. The variety of applications includes canopy roof shuttering to externaltimbering, from floors to wall and ceiling panelling, from the cellar to the living room right through to damp locations.

· Accredited with the AUSTRIA QUALITY MARK
· External monitoring by independent institutes
· Lightweight and highly durable
· Easy to install
· Large selection of profiles
· Textured surfaces for different profiles
· Surface treatments - Coatings
· Steamed profiled timber available on request
· Filter function
· Regulates moisture and is suitable in damp locations
· Versatile in the ceiling area
· Improvement of the heating insulation in façades
· Long life durability
· Available in 4 m or 5 m lengths
· Rough sawn surface is possible

With excellent and tested quality

As a member of the Association of the European Planing Mill Industry (VEH), binderholz provides premium-quality softwood lumber and profiled timber. The VEH sees its aim in research and development, the quality-conscious production of softwood lumber and market transparency. Quality is a criterion that is gaining in importance - not least in the segment of the timber industry. External controls provide security and guarantee the satisfaction of our customers.

New quality guidelines

Association of European Planing Mill Industry

Binderholz GmbH Fügen, Profilholz, Privathaus

Standard profiles

Bevelled edged timbering (with 2 mm chamfer)
profile C = profile 7

Bevelled edged timbering (with 5 mm chamfer)
profile C = profile 2

Trapeze boards profile
F = profile 4

Smooth sided cladding (edges with 2 mm chamfer)
profile A = profile 6

Fire resistant cladding profile S = profile 13

applies only with additional component layers

Fire resistant cladding Double groove/tongue profile P = EI30

is by itself a fire protection plank

Rounded cladding profile D = profile 9

Façade cladding profile 19

Floor boards profile O = 1

Rhombic-shaped boarding

Rhombic-shaped boarding* with groove and tongue

Patio boards

Decking, smooth or fluted on both sides

Sizes in mm

© TRAPA Böden

Special profiles

available on request

Surface finishing

binderholz Fügen, Profilholz gebürstet
binderholz Fügen, Profilholz gehackt
steaming | antique | chipped

Steaming of profiled timber

In order to complete the profiled timber program, binderholz is now offering steamed profiled timber alongside a huge range of profiles and surface treatments such as brushing, rough sanding and coating. The steaming is done without adding any chemicals. It creates an even intensification of color. This way, a look of old wood is achieved.

Coating of profiled timber

The coating is carried out with water-soluble colours of Adler Lacke company. It is possible for all available profiles. The colour application is done with latest machines to assure a constant surface and lamination strength. Beside numerous standard colour shades it is possible to create individual colours.

Product Adler Aqua Deco-Lasur - water-soluble colour acrylate-based

Field of application not directly weathered wood such as protected claddings

Colour application with machines

· Excellent ultraviolet resistance due to the use of special pigments
· Ecologically harmless - free of heavy metals
· High resistance to caking
· Weatherproof
· Breathable surface
· Low-maintenance
· Water-repellent

COLOUR RANGE Ebano, Teak, Larch, Pine, Walnut, Palisander, Colourless, Willow, Oak, Cedar, Olive, Mahogany. All colours are intermixable.

Profiled timber video

Profiled timber brochure

Coating of profiled timber brochure

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