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binderholz is a full-range supplier for glulam products. Its core competence lies in the production of straight as well as special shaped beams. Glulam consists of at least 3 timber lamellas glued parallel to the grain.

Through grading by strength and homogenization of the timber lamellas, a high level of load-bearing capacity is achieved in comparison to common construction timber. High load-bearing capacity, dimensional stability, product variety and excellent surface quality allow for a broad range of application options in the area of construction.


uncomplicated | fast | light | stable

load-bearing capacity · dimensional stability · short construction times · low weight · high value surface quality · high level of prefabrication · large variety of shapes · small component dimensions with high strength levels · architectural and constructional versatility

Glulam BSH qualities

Glulam BSH technical data

Brettschichtholz BSH Sonderbauteile
Brettschichtholz BSH Sonderbauteile

Glulam BSH standard

Glulam is manufactured as standard units, in any length, dimension, strength class and surface quality based on customer requirements.

Glulam elements

Glulam elements are used as wall, ceiling or roof elements.

Solid structural wood KVH®

KVH® solid structural wood is a building material with precisely defined product characteristics, which was developed specially to meet the high requirements of modern timber construction. KVH® is a kiln-dried, graded and finger-jointed solid timber product made of spruce. KVH® is subject to additional controls over and above the general building regulation requirements: The additional quality controls during production and the additional external inspections are carried out in accordance with the criteria set out in the agreements on solid structural wood KVH®.

Solid structural wood KVH® in 5 m, not finger-jointed

Solid structural wood BKH in 5 m is not finger-jointed. Like the KVH® it is visually graded by strength, kiln-dried and planed.




Glulam BSH specialities

Glulam special components are beams with dimensions that go beyond the standard measurements but also shapes such as pent roof beams, sloped beams with straight bottom cords, curved beams and free shapes. These are available exclusively on request.

More details can be found in our brochure.

Brettschichtholz BSH Sonderbauteile
Brettschichtholz BSH Sonderbauteile


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