Winklhof - Construction of student residence - 600m³ binderholz CLT BBS

A school where you feel comfortable

This summer, the LFS Winklhof in Oberalm had an oasis of comfort built in solid wood - the construction of a 3-storey student residence.

Buildings made of solid wood ensure a sense of well-being and comfort. The warm wood surfaces along with the mass of binderholz BBS timber acts as storage for heat and moisture, creating a balanced living environment. This means that binderholz solid wood products and building solutions meet all the specification requirements regarding building physics and fire protection. The result is safe solid wood buildings that maintain their value and meet high standards of quality, economy and environmental friendliness. binderholz building solutions are tested, certified and practical. This means fast, dry, clean and quiet building techniques.

Thus, the new student residence with 26 double rooms and two classrooms was built in only 8 weeks. It is the first public building in Salzburg to be completely built of wood. Even the stairway and elevator shaft are made of solid wood BBS.

binderholz Referenz Schülerheim Winklhof, Salzburg | A

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