The bilding project is the winner of the 2016 Rosenheim Timber Construction Award

The bilding was voted the winner of the 76 submissions in the 2016 Rosenheim Timber Construction Award for architecturally high-end timber constructions. The bilding project was developed as a new centre for the education and creative advancement of children and young people and stands in Innsbruck's Rapoldi Park.

The pavilion-like workshop building was constructed exclusively using binderholz CLT BBS, designed in line with the philosophy of 'less is more' and was built as a 'low budget project' in the character of a temporary solid timber construction.

The unique feature of the Rosenheim Timber Constructions Award, with its five-strong judging panel of experts, lies in the cross-border inclusion of Tyrol and the state of Salzburg.

The jury's reasoning
"The building - a social venue for the creative education of children and young people - is unique and pioneering in terms of its form and function. It was developed and constructed in collaboration with students, voluntary structural engineers and Innsbruck City Council, and with the support of numerous companies and sponsors.
In the judging panel's opinion, the use of timber succeeded exceptionally well, from both a structural and design perspective. The flowing interior is interwoven with its surroundings through openings and terraces and provides an intensive spatial experience, both indoors and outdoors. The spatial complexity is produced by the astonishingly simple construction of the framework and wall structures.
The judging panel values in particular the work done by the designers in overcoming traditional limitations of timber construction, which was convincingly given a makeover on this project." (Source: RosenheimKreis e.V.)

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Photos: © Günter R. Wett


bilding | winner of judging panel of the 2016 Rosenheim Timber Construction Award


bilding exterior view

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