Solid timber construction manual 2.0 - tried, tested and massively improved

The Solid Wood Handbook represents a detailed and comprehensive reference book for architects, designers, clients and contractors, and generally for anyone interested in solid wood solutions. The revised Solid Wood Handbook 2.0 continues to provide all information from the original version, but has been expanded to include improved comparisons, new and comprehensive results, further information on sustainability and more detailed explanations about diverse topics relating to solid wood construction. 

Publication date – summer 2018!

The following improvements and enhancements have been made:
•    Extensive test results on specific elements with single-ply direct panelling or installation layer
•    New technical sound results on multiple elements with single-ply direct panelling or installation layer with only one load-bearing CLT BBS wall; taking into account secondary sound paths through flanking components and joints
•    Comprehensive test results on new panel materials supplied by our project partner Saint-Gobain Rigips Austria
•    Redesign and improvement of our comprehensive online platform for the Solid Wood Handbook – the website address remains unchanged |

What is the Solid Wood Handbook?
The handbook was produced by two partners who share a vision: they wanted to develop and supply the right products for a healthier home and for the construction of attractive and functional buildings. This intent links binderholz Bausysteme to Saint-Gobain Rigips Austria and makes them a perfect team as every building represents the symbiosis of the most diverse materials. The fusion of binderholz CLT BBS and drywall systems represents a unique combination. The benefits of one material reinforce those of the other. The Handbook briefly explains the benefits of timber construction, contains valuable information on environmental protection and explains structural physics details. More specifically, it deals with fire, sound and heat protection. The third and also the most important and comprehensive section describes construction details.

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