Press Release take over planing mill and glulam factory

Binderholz Nordic Oy acquires the Anaika Wood Group’s planing mill and glulam factory in Lieksa/Kevätniemi

As part of an asset deal, a planing mill and a glulam factory belonging to the Anaika Wood Group at the site in Lieksa were acquired by Binderholz Nordic Oy. This purchase will further extend Binderholz position in the further processing of timber on the global market.

The purchase agreement was signed on 20 February 2017 and will be closed on 31 March 2017. There are no details of the purchase price.

Part of the agreement involves the Anaika Wood Group’s entire workforce of 36 employees transferring and being integrated into Binderholz Nordic Oy.

As part of the takeover, Binderholz will acquire the entire plant and machinery, consisting of 2 planing lines, finger jointing machine, band saw, glulam press, stacking machine and drying chambers. The existing production capacity will be gradually increased by establishing a continuous three-shift operation, with other improvements being planned in the medium term.

The product range will predominantly target non-European markets, including Japan, China, the USA etc. Binderholz will also acquire Anaika’s existing JAS certification. In future, it will primarily machine pine slats from its Nurmes plant into glulam (beams etc.) and also produce a range of planed spruce and pine products.

This acquisition will take Binderholz a further step closer to becoming a full-range supplier for the Asian and US-American market.

Planed timber production will increase to 220,000 m³ and glulam production to 50,000 m³ per year with a three-shift operation.

The Binderholz Group’s volume of further processed planed and glued solid timber products will be approximately 1.2 million cubic metres per year.

A pellet works will shortly be constructed to recycle the wood shavings.

At present, the Lieksa and Nurmes sites are being successively modernised and the capacities of the sawing and drying works significantly expanded.

A biomass heating plant will be built at the Nurmes site, which will become operational in September 2017.

The Austrian Binderholz Group acquired the sawing works in Lieksa and Nurmes from Vapo Timber Oy in February 2016.


About Binderholz

Wood, the intelligent and versatile raw material

Leading European company for solid wood products and innovative building solutions
In the timber industry, the name of Binder stands for tradition and integrity, combined with high-tech and innovation. Still only a small sawmill operation 60 years ago, the family operation has become a leading European company today, equipped with cutting-edge technologies and production methods, with a corresponding reputation on the timber market.

Binder employs about 1,400 people at five Austrian sites - Fügen, Jenbach, St. Georgen, Hallein and Unternberg; at two Bavarian sites - Kösching/Interpark and Burgbernheim/Neustadt an der Aisch; and two Finnish locations - Lieksa and Nurmes.

The range of solid timber products includes lumber, profiled timber, single-layer and multi-layer solid wood panels, glulam and binderholz CLT BBS. Waste timber as a production by-product is processed into biofuels and green electricity. The products manufactured are exported all over the world.

binderholz produces efficiently on a sustainable basis in accordance with the no-waste principle and recovers 100% of the resource of timber.

binderholz owes its reputation to active and close personal customer service; to a product mix and a price policy meeting the needs of the market; and to binderholz quality management.


Natalie Binder

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