Press Release binderholz CLT BBS extends its capacity

Binderholz builds its 3rd cross laminated timber plant to extend its large-format capacity at its Burgbernheim site in Germany.

Binderholz Bausysteme, a subsidiary of the Binderholz Group, has been successfully producing Binderholz CLT BBS for 10 years.

Dynamic growth in recent years is now being taken into account and the company is investing in a new works for large-format board production with corresponding factory assembly capacity at its Burgbernheim site in Germany. The company is drawing on the proven components of its Unternberg site in Austria when it comes to production systems, and combining this with the technical knowledge and expertise it has acquired over the years. The works will become operational in December 2016.

During the winter months, the company also invested in extending product and factory assembly capacity at its main site in Unternberg, Austria. Following this investment, Binderholz Bausysteme now has a production capacity of 200,000 m³ of binderholz CLT BBS.

Its comprehensive Europe-wide product sales and distribution coupled with comprehensive technical advice and service have established Binderholz as the expert with cutting-edge knowledge and expertise in solid wood building solutions. This expanded capacity will also meet the market growth in BBS generated in Australia, Singapore, the USA and Canada.

BSH production in Burgbernheim, Germany, will cease at the end of August. This volume will be compensated for by improvements and extensions at the Jenbach site in Austria and BSH production will increase to 280,000 m³ per year.

2015 was a successful year for the entire Binder Group. Investments are being made at all 9 sites in Austria, Germany and Finland in 2016. Over 900,000 m³ of dimension lumber will be machined into solid wood products this year in the Group.


About Binderholz

Wood, the intelligent and versatile raw material

Within the timber industry, the name Binder is synonymous with tradition and integrity, combined with high-tech and innovation. Whilst still only a small sawmill operation some 60 years ago, today Binderholz is one of the leading European companies, equipped with advanced technology and production methods, with a matching reputation on the market.

The company has a workforce of 1,350 and operates at five sites in Austria - Fügen, Jenbach, St. Georgen, Hallein and Unternberg - two sites in Bavaria - Kösching/Interpark and Burgbernheim/Neustadt an der Aisch - and two sites in Finland - Lieksa und Nurmes.

The range of solid wood products includes dimension lumber, surfaced lumber, solid wood panels edge glued and 3-ply, glulam beams and binderholz CLT BBS. Any waste timber, resulting as a by-product from production, is processed as densified biofuels and green electricity. The products are exported around the world.

Binderholz produces sustainably and efficiently on a "no waste principle" and recycles 100% of its wood.

Binderholz owes its reputation to its approach to customer care and proximity to customers, a product mix and price policy geared to market needs and the company's quality management system.


Natalie Binder

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