Glulam Manager and BBS Manager

Made-to-measure software developments

For years the “IT Projects” department has been supporting order handling processes for glulam and BBS with relevant software developments. Working closely with the relevant departments and users, it develops solutions which simplify users’ day-to-day work and contribute to improved efficiency. Corresponding organisational and data-based provisions need to be put in place to ensure that automation, such as the “automatic high-bay warehouse” and “Factory 3” in Jenbach which is currently going into operation, or production planning in Unternberg and Burgbernheim, produce the desired effects and results. Seamless communication between Sales, Production, Logistics and Administration is the absolute prerequisite for this.

Seriously increasing demands in automation and digitalisation require corresponding development capacities coupled with the adaptation of all affected processes, resulting in changes to employees’ day-to-day work. The aim of these projects is to create a database, which enables fast, market-led and economical decisions to be made. The focus of future projects will be on issues, such as sales control, capacity planning, production and logistics optimisation.

The development of totally made-to-measure solutions that take into account all the issues and situations within the company is a key component of the company’s in-house software development. It ensures that distributed sites, system-based conditions and product range-specific requirements can be considered as best as possible. Data provision and supply to the many new production systems demands corresponding processing and control of data by those responsible. It requires software development that directs the spotlight onto the user in a state-of-the art manner to ensure that the necessary software modules remain user-friendly and the requirements manageable.

Last but not least, we also need to stress the major support of the developers required by all the affected users. The “IT Projects” department is very reliant on the knowledge, cooperation and numerous suggestions from all the affected users in implementing these applications. The possibility of completing the projects listed below in this form and in this time scale relies, first and foremost,on the exceptional willingness of all departments to support the developers as much as possible.

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