Glulam factory 3 in Jenbach massively increases productivity and flexibility

Production now possible with batch size 1

Thanks to its sustainable development in recent years, the site has positioned itself perfectly for the future in the glulam sector with regard to cost and technology management, particularly in terms of productivity, yield and quality combined with intelligent IT and software solutions. The next step to this third expansion phase was a logical consequence based on these developments and a solid and well trained HR structure.
Following the major investment in 1996 in Factory 1 and the 2nd expansion stage for Factory 2 shortly thereafter in 2001, the third expansion stage was finally achieved with Factory 3 after 16 years. Factory 3 was designed and constructed to be state of the art. The fully automatically connected systems are designed in accordance with the principle of Industry 4.0, which guarantees a high level of flexibility, transparency and process reliability. The throughput time for an order from the initial production step of finger-jointing to loading is a maximum of 8 hours, regardless of the number of dimensions.

Production facts and figures:
•    Hall size – 6,800 m², glulam roof construction with a 2 x 32 m span
•    Picking section: The systems have been constructed in conjunction with a redesigned master computer system based on Industry 4.0
•    Glulam production in batch size 1 is possible
•    Dimensions: Width: 38 – 280 mm, Height: 240 mm – 1000 mm, Length 6.00 m to 18.00 m
•    Cut to length: +/-1 mm from 3.50 m to 18.00 m
•    Profiling is possible from 60 mm
•    Glulam ceiling elements are also possible in VISIBLE quality up to a width of 1000 mm
•    Ceiling elements and panel ceilings with all the usual profiles can be produced in batch size 1
•    Packaging is fully automatic using 2 vacuum cranes
•    High degree of automation
•    Ultra-short throughput times guarantee fast delivery times
•    New capacity in Factory 3 with batch size 1 = 60,000 m³/year in a 3-shift operation
•    Total capacity at the site is 280,000 m³/year of glulam, 25,000 m³ of solid structural wood

A master computer with 40 large-scale screens monitors all process steps and enables fast and targeted corrections. All parameters of all components are defined in our company’s in-house “Glulam Management” IT solution and transmitted directly to the respective systems via the master computer. Manual intervention is no longer necessary. Machines communicate with each other and independently trigger the corresponding retooling. Manual interventions are restricted to work that needs to be done on the wood or product or packaging. Fully automatic packaging of the finished glulam parts is just one of many highlights.

This technological quantum leap in glulam production complements the two existing Factories 1 and 2 - production of off-the-peg glulam products, large consignments and special glulam parts up to 32.5 long, 204 cm high and 48 cm wide, and guarantees that the company can focus on changing customer needs on the European market.

An automatic high-bay warehouse has been constructed for all complete glulam packages, in which up to 850 individual packages or 2,000 m³ of glulam packages can be stored simultaneously. Packages are loaded and unloaded fully automatically via an in-house programmed warehouse management program, without which on-schedule error-free and damage-free handling would be impossible. Another new feature is the fact that we can pre-load as many loads as possible onto swap body trailers, meaning that up to 35 truck loads per day can be pre-loaded in a 3-shift operation on two loading aisles.

Jenbach is currently the largest glulam site worldwide and claims to stand out in future as a cost and technology leader in the industry.

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