Glulam ceiling elements

Thanks to a high degree of prefabrication, our glulam ceiling elements can be installed and turned into usable ceiling slabs in no time. Upon request, the underside of our ceiling elements can be manufactured to visible quality. It is optimally protected against transport and handling damage by special packaging.
Thanks to our sophisticated production systems, we dispatch our glulam ceiling elements in VISIBLE quality with sanded surface. Our glulam can not only be used as a ceiling element, but also for walls and roofs.

Glulam ceilings can be made 60 to 280 mm thick - for details see glulam ceiling profiles. All ceiling elements are manufactured with a 3-4 mm bevel on the underside. Upon request, butt boards sized 19 x 110 mm can be delivered together with our 3-layer solid wood panels. Price upon request.

You can find everything you need to know in our glulam ceiling element brochure and our surface samples.

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