Fire tests for CLT BBS

Confirm its exceptional properties

A number of tests were carried out on our components for the revision and expansion of our Solid Wood Handbook and produced excellent results. The fire tests were carried out at the IBS Institute for Fire Protection and at the MFPA Leipzig. Visible and non-visible quality ceilings were both tested. The wall, ceiling and roof elements developed were all optimised in terms of fire protection and structural acoustics to deliver maximum cost-effective benefits for our customers. These new elements provide for material savings, which in turn result in significant economic benefits. Ongoing development by our research and development department has thus moved a further step forward.

You will obtain all the test results in our revised Solid Wood Handbook, which is due to be published at the beginning of 2018. However, you can also access all our results online at

Preparations for a full-scale fire test

Ceiling under full load with measuring diodes after 60 minutes

Ceiling test successfully completed after 90 minutes of full-scale fire

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