Expansion of BBS Logistics

for “just-in-time” deliveries

Our BBS customers throughout Europe and worldwide are generally supplied directly to the site of the respective project. Our customers expect the very best quality from binderholz in terms of product, outstanding technical support and optimum scheduling as the global market leader for CLT BBS. All departments of Binderholz Construction Systems, above all Sales, Work Scheduling, Production Planning, Production, Loading and Logistics, need to cooperate with each other perfectly and continuously improve and optimise the individual processes to guarantee “just-in-time” delivery. The prerequisite for on-schedule delivery is the prompt completion of production, however very often delivery postponements by customers at short notice present logistics with major challenges.

In Logistics, we have ultimate responsibility for on-schedule delivery to our customers – a challenging task ensuring that our products are delivered “just in time” to Sydney, Australia for example. That is why we are once again implementing new logistics measures.

In 2017, we introduced loading with swap-body semi-trailers in the Unternberg and Burgbernheim works to minimise idle times for loading, thereby maintaining the driver’s working time. We also began this year successfully outsourcing extremely time-intensive loading, such as the stuffing of containers. That was also an important step towards further improving our logistics.

We also achieved a breakthrough with the rail transport of CLT BBS 125 elements, which has not been possible to date on the European rail network. Only after intensive and lengthy internal discussions and negotiations with RAIL Cargo Austria and Deutsche Bahn, did we successfully arrive at a European Loading Guideline for BBS125. I consider the outlook to be very good for rail transport on long-distance routes, such as to Norway or Sweden. In addition, more and more customers are attaching great importance to environmentally-friendly transport.

CLT BBS 125 elements

Rail loading of CLT BBS 125 elements

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