binderholz Products at the Expo 2015

Around the world in one day - it’s feasible at the Expo in Milan. The architecture of the individual pavilions is overwhelming.

For some of these pavilions, binderholz has delivered individual solid timber products, such as straight and bent glulam, binderholz CLT BBS, solid wood panels and profiled timber. The binderholz products were used for the construction of the national pavilions of Italy, Morocco, Angola, Hungary, in the “Birra Moretti” stand and so forth.

Wood - the building material of the Expo 2015
Wood is an ecological material from sustainable forestry. The proportion of wood in the pavilions is very high. The advantages of wooden buildings are obvious: short setup times, easy to transport and easy to dismantle.

Facts about the Expo
148 nations and international organizations are taking part. The motto of the Expo is “Feeding the Planet. Energy for Life.” It stands quite clearly for fundamental ecological values and sustainability. About 20 million visitors attended the Expo from May 1, 2015, to October 31, 2015.

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Sustainable and innovative approach: The bright and futuristic-looking 'Palazzo Italia' towers above the other pavilions of the Expo.

The national pavilion of Morocco: simple and striking.

National pavilion of Hungary: The main building of the Hungarian pavilion is modeled after Noah’s Ark as a symbol of life. The pavilion is built in a typically Hungarian architectural style from sustainable materials. binderholz provided the bent glulam timber for this building.

National pavilion of Angola: measuring 15 x 90 x 15 m, it is the largest African stand at the Expo.

The pavilion is built so that, after the Expo, it can be dismantled into individual parts, shipped by container to Angola and be rebuilt on site there.

The bent binderholz glulam beams are used in the construction of the 'Birra Moretti' stand and are strikingly visible.

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